Sebastian is a gifted Psychic and Certified Life Coach with lifelong knowledge and training to help you with all of your questions, and show you how to get on the path to your best life!

– Career – Life – Love – Money –

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Sebastian is a gifted Psychic and Certified Life Coach who has devoted his life to understanding paths of change, human conflict and peaceful resolution.

He has a great deal of experience with Life Coaching and is a certified Leadership Trainer, Personal Trainer, and Black Belt. At a young age he has taught himself to only work in love and light.

He is experienced with Reiki, Meditation, Manifestation, Yoga, Health and Wellness, Natural and Herbal Medicines, and Ayurveda. Using all these combined he has an amazing way of improving your life.

His knowledge and training blended with his Psychic Abilities creates a unique and detailed reading tailored to you. He is able to help with Relationship Advice, Love and Family, Money, Career, Travel, Success, and Prayer.

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