Inner Child Reiki Energy Work


As children, we constantly try to prove we are good enough. “If I do this right, then I will be loved!”

What we learn and come to believe as an innocent youngster becomes the inner child as we mature. Our inner child never leaves; it is part of us.

Usually, the inner child continues to believe what it heard years ago. Examples of a hurt inner child are; feeling unintelligent, clumsy, weird, excluded, untrusting and more. Some childhood trauma happened that caused that belief and many have resolved it through Inner Child Healing or Inner Child Work.

Imagine feeling that you didn’t need to prove yourself anymore. How would it feel for your inner child to know that you aren’t all those negative things?

This type of reiki energy blessing might help remove those negative beliefs so you can move on from the past and see yourself in a new light, as the amazing person that you are.

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