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    Friendly Help And Protection Spell

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    You’ve done so much for others, but too often no one has your back.

    With our loving spell casting, you may find help and protection in ways that you never imagined.

    Watch for coincidences occurring that may bring in a great friend who wants to help and protect you. Whether it’s organizing, cleaning, a listening ear, problem-solving or other things that you could use assistance with, this new ally could be there for you. This friend, helper, and protector might ask you to let them know if you ever feel unsafe because they want to protect you.

  • Protection Spells

    Home Protection Spell

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    Your most special and sacred place is your home. In it resides everything important; family, pets, comfort and love. You deserve to feel safe there to enjoy all this good fortune.

    The Home Protection Spell, which is also a blessing, is intended to banish harmful and negative energies and to shield you and your loved ones from misfortune.

    This protective spell may provide you with the protection of your most sacred place.

  • Protection Spells

    Peaceful Sleep Spell

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    Does your problem-solving mind keep spinning so you can’t sleep?

    Do you wake up fearing that you heard something, or from nightmares?

    This blessing and sleep spell, also known as an insomnia spell,  might reduce the negative energy that causes nighttime anguish. How would it feel to wake up well-rested not having awakened all night?

    Good sleep is important for your overall health and happiness. You deserve to start your day happily, with a sharp, rested mind.

  • Protection Spells

    Remove Ghosts and Spirits Spell

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    Do you feel as though you are haunted by an evil spirit?

    Have you tried to use sage to cleanse house with no change?

    To ward off the presence and activities of ghosts, spirits, and evil entities in your home, you may find this powerful Light Blessing effective.

    It is intended to work by stopping black magic. When a closet is dark, and you open it to a lit room, the darkness doesn’t make the room dark. Instead, the light brightens the closet. Light blessings cast toward even the darkest evil change it to light. There is no way to overpower a light blessing, just as the closet could not darken the lit room.

    Homes feel lighter and brighter after warding off ghosts, spirits and evil entities.

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