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  • Emotional

    Family Luck

    $29 or $59 / week Learn more

    Are you or family members struggling with health issues, personality clashes, or any other number of items?

    You strive to vibrate positively to attract health and happiness into your life but sometimes that’s hard when dealing with family stress.

    Worry, sadness, and different negative feelings can bring down your energy and that of the entire family. Family troubles can steal your joy.

    This reiki energy and good luck spell may surround your family with a field of positive energy to remove and fend off bad energy and could bring excellent luck and family fortune!

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    Career and Business

    From Bad Luck To Good Luck

    $29 $19 or $59 $49 / week Learn more

    Are you frustrated because everything seems to be going wrong for you? Right on the verge of attaining your wish does something go wrong, and it looks like bad luck over and over?

    This blessing and good luck spell has the potential to flip things entirely to the opposite; to GOOD LUCK over and over.

    What do you need good luck with? Relationships? Money? Career? Health? Other things? Are you ready to reverse bad luck to GOOD luck and success?

  • Abundance

    Premonition Dreaming

    $29 or $59 / week Learn more

    What is a premonition dream?

    Do you desire to have prior knowledge of situations before they occur? Sigmund Freud alluded to the fact, several times, that certain dreams predict the future.

    Through premonition dreams, you can visit Spirit daily. By having premonitions you may find yourself making miraculous life decisions that amaze the people around you. The nice thing is that by seeing what’s coming, you can help them and yourself to make the best life choices.

    With what areas of life could you use the help of prior knowledge? Luck? Lottery? Love? Career?

    With this blessing, you may find yourself getting revelations about the future and steps to take to hasten or change it through recurring instances of premonition dreams. You may enjoy the combination of this with the “Vivid Memory of Dreams” blessing; it may super sharpen your subconscious with awareness and recollection of even more of your dreams.

  • Abundance

    Sacred Steering

    $29 or $59 / week Learn more

    Would you like a connection so deep with the Sacred and your Spirit Guides that you feel as if you are being steered in the optimal direction?

    You may begin making the best decisions and taking the most suitable steps for you, with very little thought.

    This powerful spell may also be able to open up your subconscious mind to plug right into your Spirit Guides insight.

    With this blessing, you may continuously feel guided by a profound higher power, giving you the right knowledge, wisdom, and understanding towards living a fulfilling life full of all the things you’ve dreamed.

    What could you use this kind of profound knowledge for? Money? Love? Luck? Peace and Joy? Enlightenment?

  • Abundance

    Tap Into Your Intuition

    $29 or $59 / week Learn more

    A sense of something about to happen is the intuition that everyone has in the back of their mind.

    If you desire a strengthened intuition that gives you a distinct feeling from the front of your mind, you might find this reiki energy blessing helps you tap into that more precisely.

    Through opening up, cleansing and balancing the main chakras as well as the aura, you are much more likely to develop intuition similar to what we call psychic intuition.

    This reiki blessing may quickly aid in the development of intuition; which can open up secret doorways with life lessons and secrets that you’ve never dreamed of!

    Imagine having the ability to know something immediately and intuitively without the need for conscious reasoning. In what areas of your life would this be beneficial? Love? Spiritual? Lottery? Luck? Career?

  • Career and Business

    Your Lucky Talisman

    $29 or $59 / week Learn more

    Would you like to own a Lucky Talisman that may bring good luck forever?

    This blessing might direct you to your Lucky Talisman, which could turn bad luck into unexpected joy in every aspect of life.

    You’ll have to keep an eye out for this powerfully lucky piece though – you’ll know it when you see it.

    Imagine how you would feel if your lucky numbers came in, or if you were so lucky to meet a fantastic partner or get a great job just by keeping your Lucky Talisman in your pocket or purse.

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