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  • Career and Business

    All Roads Lead To Success

    $29 or $59 / week Learn more

    Everyone’s definition of achievement is different. What would make you feel on top of the world? Is it wealth, career, love, health, happiness, a combination of them, or something else?

    This success spell and blessing may help you align with the positive potential of the universe by attracting the opportunities needed to achieve whatever you want and have you feeling on top of the world.

  • Career and Business

    Attract A Better Job

    $29 or $59 / week Learn more

    Do you go to work every day doing something you’re not crazy about? Would you like to have the opportunity of a better job more suited to you with higher pay? This blessing may attract more than one fantastic new job offer.

    Imagine being referred to an organization with a job position you have always wanted.

    The universe is powerful, so don’t be surprised if you land a job that’s even better than you wished.

  • Money

    Financial Increase

    $29 or $59 / week Learn more

    Good things come from a higher power, but we have to do our part too when handed the possibility to increase our finances. If you choose this money spell and blessing, you may find very favorable circumstances coming your way to bring in money. Don’t let the probability of having abundance slip away.

    Only use this blessing if you are ready to take advantage of the possibility of good fortune by doing your part. You may find that your financial increase exceeds your expectations!

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    Career and Business

    From Bad Luck To Good Luck

    $29 $19 or $59 $49 / week Learn more

    Are you frustrated because everything seems to be going wrong for you? Right on the verge of attaining your wish does something go wrong, and it looks like bad luck over and over?

    This blessing and good luck spell has the potential to flip things entirely to the opposite; to GOOD LUCK over and over.

    What do you need good luck with? Relationships? Money? Career? Health? Other things? Are you ready to reverse bad luck to GOOD luck and success?

  • Money

    Money Comes Easy

    $29 or $59 / week Learn more

    This potent money spell and blessing may give birth to unlimited concepts of easy money generation. The more you implement amazing ideas well, the more financially secure and stable you become.

    Imagine how it would feel to not worry about paying the bills.

    Can you picture yourself with a beautiful home, car, travel opportunities, and the ability to financially help your family?

    Its time for easy money to transform your life and make good things happen!

  • Abundance

    Money In / Release Money Blocks

    $29 or $59 / week Learn more

    Do you find yourself looking for ideas to make money?

    Have you been trying to figure out how to make a lot of money?

    Does your bank account empty before payday?

    You may have energetic blocks that stop money from coming in.

    It’s time to see how to make a lot of money. This type of reiki energy session and abundance spell can help attract money to you!

  • Abundance

    Premonition Dreaming

    $29 or $59 / week Learn more

    What is a premonition dream?

    Do you desire to have prior knowledge of situations before they occur? Sigmund Freud alluded to the fact, several times, that certain dreams predict the future.

    Through premonition dreams, you can visit Spirit daily. By having premonitions you may find yourself making miraculous life decisions that amaze the people around you. The nice thing is that by seeing what’s coming, you can help them and yourself to make the best life choices.

    With what areas of life could you use the help of prior knowledge? Luck? Lottery? Love? Career?

    With this blessing, you may find yourself getting revelations about the future and steps to take to hasten or change it through recurring instances of premonition dreams. You may enjoy the combination of this with the “Vivid Memory of Dreams” blessing; it may super sharpen your subconscious with awareness and recollection of even more of your dreams.

  • Career and Business

    Prosperous Business

    $29 or $59 / week Learn more

    This blessing might help you achieve better sales or bottom-line numbers for business growth. You may begin to attract the customers that could lead to that breakthrough.

    Don’t be surprised if your fatigue from all that worry turns into short-term exhaustion of a different sort. You might need to adjust to being busier and keeping up with your increased client base.

    Be sure you’re willing to put in the hours required to keep up with a busy business. Only choose this blessing if you’re feeling ambitious because you might have to hustle.

  • Abundance

    Sacred Steering

    $29 or $59 / week Learn more

    Would you like a connection so deep with the Sacred and your Spirit Guides that you feel as if you are being steered in the optimal direction?

    You may begin making the best decisions and taking the most suitable steps for you, with very little thought.

    This powerful spell may also be able to open up your subconscious mind to plug right into your Spirit Guides insight.

    With this blessing, you may continuously feel guided by a profound higher power, giving you the right knowledge, wisdom, and understanding towards living a fulfilling life full of all the things you’ve dreamed.

    What could you use this kind of profound knowledge for? Money? Love? Luck? Peace and Joy? Enlightenment?

  • Abundance

    Tap Into Your Intuition

    $29 or $59 / week Learn more

    A sense of something about to happen is the intuition that everyone has in the back of their mind.

    If you desire a strengthened intuition that gives you a distinct feeling from the front of your mind, you might find this reiki energy blessing helps you tap into that more precisely.

    Through opening up, cleansing and balancing the main chakras as well as the aura, you are much more likely to develop intuition similar to what we call psychic intuition.

    This reiki blessing may quickly aid in the development of intuition; which can open up secret doorways with life lessons and secrets that you’ve never dreamed of!

    Imagine having the ability to know something immediately and intuitively without the need for conscious reasoning. In what areas of your life would this be beneficial? Love? Spiritual? Lottery? Luck? Career?

  • Career and Business

    Time For A Pay Raise

    $29 or $59 / week Learn more

    Do you desire to be promoted and recognized at your place of work, therefore increasing your wages? If so, then this blessing might be helpful to give you an edge in your career.

    You may find yourself attracting acknowledgment for your good traits especially those overlooked in the past. Be ready though; you might get offered a promotion with perks and a pay raise right out of the blue – so have an answer prepared.

  • Career and Business

    Your Lucky Talisman

    $29 or $59 / week Learn more

    Would you like to own a Lucky Talisman that may bring good luck forever?

    This blessing might direct you to your Lucky Talisman, which could turn bad luck into unexpected joy in every aspect of life.

    You’ll have to keep an eye out for this powerfully lucky piece though – you’ll know it when you see it.

    Imagine how you would feel if your lucky numbers came in, or if you were so lucky to meet a fantastic partner or get a great job just by keeping your Lucky Talisman in your pocket or purse.

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