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  • Emotional

    Anxiety Assist

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    Imagine feeling less anxious and seeing any life situation as a temporary issue that will resolve soon.

    With this blessing, you might be in the middle of a severe circumstance realizing that you’re feeling calm and you forgot that you would typically feel anxious under these circumstances. If you’ve been wanting to overcome anxiety, this reiki energy blessing might be what helps your body and mind let go of anxiety and fear.

    Reiki Masters often find blocks in a persons’ energy flow due to slow or clogged chakras. It’s been reported that people feel soothed almost immediately when the distance reiki session begins.

    You and everyone else may notice that you’re much more relaxed and happier for the long-term as well.

  • Abundance

    Aura Cleansing

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    Your aura is your human field of energy.  If you don’t frequently cleanse your aura you may find that certain things really trigger you emotionally. Physically you might notice that you’re quick to fatigue or ache amongst other things.

    When you’re in need of aura cleansing you can get upset more easily because there are energies of the past and from other people floating in your field of energy. And that field of energy never leaves you, your aura is there wherever you go, even when you sleep.

    Aura cleansing reiki is how to cleanse your aura and could help by removing the negative vibrations surrounding you 24/7.

    This has often proven to help bring in abundance, love and more – based on the law of attraction and being surrounded by positive energy.

  • Emotional

    Broken Heart / Heartbreak Relief

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    Do you have a broken heart and feel like you can hardly stand the pain? Emotional pain usually hurts much worse than physical pain but we can’t take pain relief medication for the healing of a broken heart.

    This mend a broken heart spell and reiki blessing may help lessen that pain and gently ease your mind into thinking about other things. Once thoughts shift direction, the heartbreak relief can build momentum and continue more and more quickly to help relieve and mend your broken heart.

    If you’re looking for how to heal a broken heart, consider a reiki energy blessing. It’s the closest thing we’ve seen to pain relief medication to ease heartache and mend a broken heart.

  • Physical and Emotional

    Broken Heart Relief

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  • Sale!

    Chakra Cleansing & Balance

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    Have you felt that you are not yourself lately? Maybe nothing extremely stressful is happening but you aren’t feeling in a good emotional state. Or perhaps you don’t feel the greatest physically. It may be time for a chakra cleansing and chakra balancing.

    This reiki healing energy and chakra spell are designed to help you through combining a chakra cleanse with a chakra rebalancing.

    Imagine feeling so realigned through the chakra balance and cleanse that you feel like your happy self again.

    Even though we’ve combined two items (chakra balancing and chakra cleansing) you’re only charged for one. We feel that the need for these two together is so important that we throw in the second for free. We want you to feel better!

  • Physical and Emotional

    Concentration Spell with Reiki boost

    $29 or $59 / week Learn more

    Are you feeling in a fog? Do you have an overwhelming amount of thoughts flying through your mind at all times?

    This spell for concentration with a reiki boost has the potential to help you let go of unnecessary worries and anxieties, so you can feel focused and clear-minded! For alertness essential oils like rosemary and peppermint are infused into the spell.

    Concentration spells are meant to remove the brain’s limitations to improve your focus and increase your productivity.

    Emotional focus and a focused mind are often rewards from a concentration spell.

    If your mind is trying to do and think of everything – it usually accomplishes next to nothing. Should you wish to have clearer focus and sharper concentration then this concentration spell and reiki therapy may be for you.

  • Abundance

    General Relaxation

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    Do you find it hard to wind down, and relax when needed? Perhaps you’re even feeling anxiety. It’s even harder to relax when anxious.

    This reiki energy work and blessing is not just a temporary relief from stress—it has the potential to create a major energetic shift to allow for a long-term sense of ease, calm, and openness.

    Energetic debris in the chakras can slow down or clog energy flow; which is often the cause of anxiety and the inability to relax. The body is fighting to move energy that could just flow naturally and easily with chakra cleansing and general relaxation reiki.

    If you’ve wondered how to relax your mind or just how to relax in general, this might be what you’ve been looking for.

    You and everyone around you may notice that you’re much more relaxed and happier too!

    As an added bonus, let’s look at the law of attraction.  Anxious and tense energy going out brings in more anxiety and tension. Relaxed peaceful energy going out to the universe brings good things in.

    Life might just be getting a whole lot better for you!

  • Emotional

    Improved Relationships

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    Do you find your current relationship is not as fulfilling as it used to be?

    You haven’t fallen out of love, but things just aren’t the same now.

    This reiki work and relationship spell may help you find that passion again!

    This blessing has the potential to strengthen a relationship, fix relationship problems and strengthen a relationship with ease.

    As part of the love spell family, this is designed to create harmony and stronger commitment in a relationship.

  • Emotional

    Increase Motivation

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    Have you found yourself wondering how to increase motivation?

    Would you like to feel more motivated to get that new job, start taking a class, jog every day or whatever you’re struggling to bring yourself to do?

    This distance reiki could help make things feel effortless.  Whatever is important to you make it happen with Reiki!

  • Emotional

    Inner Child

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    As children, we constantly try to prove we are good enough. “If I do this right, then I will be loved!”

    What we learn and come to believe as an innocent youngster becomes the inner child as we mature. Our inner child never leaves; it is part of us.

    Usually, the inner child continues to believe what it heard years ago. Examples of a hurt inner child are; feeling unintelligent, clumsy, weird, excluded, untrusting and more. Some childhood trauma happened that caused that belief and many have resolved it through Inner Child Healing or Inner Child Work.

    Imagine feeling that you didn’t need to prove yourself anymore. How would it feel for your inner child to know that you aren’t all those negative things?

    This type of reiki energy blessing might help remove those negative beliefs so you can move on from the past and see yourself in a new light, as the amazing person that you are.

  • Health and Physical

    Insomnia Relief Reiki and Sleep Spell

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    Are you an insomniac who lies awake at night when you should be asleep?
    Have you tried over the counter sleeping pills with no results?
    Are you tired of searching how to fall asleep fast?

    Perhaps the best sleep aid for you is a distance reiki session and spell of sleep!

    This insomnia Reiki therapy and sleep spell may help you with how to get more energy and with feeling like you’ve had a good night’s sleep.

    Sleep spells and Reiki for sleep can assist you in finding a sense of mental and spiritual balance which can help relieve insomnia symptoms.

    If your problem-solving mind keeps spinning so you can’t sleep or you wake up fearing that you heard something or from nightmares, this might reduce the negative energy that causes your nighttime anguish.

    How would it feel to wake up well-rested not having awakened all night?

    Good sleep is important for your overall health and happiness. You deserve to start your day happily, with a sharp, rested mind.


  • Emotional

    Leave The Past Behind

    $29 or $59 / week Learn more

    Are you are harboring bad feelings about yourself, family, a friend or your partner?

    Do you wonder how to leave the past behind?

    This distance reiki and energy work is combined with a spell to help erase the past.

    Imagine how amazing it would feel to let go of resentment and painful memories of the past and feel like it’s easy to be present, in this moment.  You deserve to let go of the past and feel free; you’ve suffered enough.

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