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  • Physical and Emotional

    Broken Heart / Heartbreak Relief Spell with bonus Reiki

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    Do you have a broken heart and feel like you can hardly stand the pain? Emotional pain usually hurts much worse than physical pain but we can’t take pain relief medication for the healing of a broken heart.

    This mend a broken heart spell and added reiki blessing may help lessen that pain and gently ease your mind into thinking about other things. Once thoughts shift direction, the heartbreak relief can build momentum and continue more and more quickly to help relieve and mend your broken heart.

    If you’re looking for how to heal a broken heart, consider a spell with added reiki energy blessing. It’s the closest thing we’ve seen to pain relief medication to ease heartache and mend a broken heart.

  • Physical and Emotional

    Broken Heart Relief

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    Physical and Emotional

    Concentration Spell with Reiki Boost

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    Are you feeling in a fog? Do you have an overwhelming amount of thoughts flying through your mind at all times?

    This spell for concentration with a reiki boost has the potential to help you let go of unnecessary worries and anxieties, so you can feel focused and clear-minded! For alertness essential oils like rosemary and peppermint are infused into the spell.

    Concentration spells are meant to remove the brain’s limitations to improve your focus and increase your productivity.

    Emotional focus and a focused mind are often rewards from a concentration spell.

    If your mind is trying to do and think of everything – it usually accomplishes next to nothing. Should you wish to have clearer focus and sharper concentration then this concentration spell and reiki therapy may be for you.

  • Physical and Emotional

    Leave The Past Behind Spellcast

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    Are you are harboring bad feelings about yourself, family, a friend or your partner?

    Do you wonder how to leave the past behind?

    This clearing the past spell may help erase the past.

    Imagine how amazing it would feel to let go of resentment and painful memories of the past and feel like it’s easy to be present, in this moment.  You deserve to let go of the past and feel free; you’ve suffered enough.

  • Quit Smoking
    Physical and Emotional

    Quit Smoking Spell

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    Have you tried everything to quit smoking, to find yourself still with an overwhelming craving? Have you thought that there must be some “smoking quit” secret? Or wondered; how long is the timeline for quitting smoking if you do find that secret?

    Perhaps you have wondered about quit smoking hypnosis and if that might help you stop smoking cold turkey.

    Many quit smoking aids are available to help with stopping smoking such as pills and medications, stop smoking patches and acupuncture and the list goes on. Unfortunately, these methods are not highly successful and that creates feelings of failure. When a person feels they have failed; that stress could even cause them to even smoke more.

    It’s not the person who is the failure, it’s the method; quitting smoking is not easy.

    We have found the best results for quitting smoking come from a sacred powerful combination of reiki energy, stop smoking spells, angel blessings, and the use of crystals, all administered lovingly by experienced reiki masters.

    Since quitting smoking is a big challenge, it’s okay for you to accept a boost in your inner strength and an overall feeling of a calm, clear mind. With that empowerment and relaxed mind, along with this powerful smoking antidote, you may find it much much easier to tackle quitting smoking.

    Many people who have received this have expressed that smoking doesn’t interest them as much as it did in the past and many have enjoyed a complete smoking cessation.

    If you’re ready to stop trying this on your own and willing to accept some sacred help to stop smoking, this may be just the remedy for you.

  • Physical and Emotional

    Self-Esteem Boost – Self Love Spell

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    Are you having trouble feeling confident?

    Do you avoid certain events or people because of low self-esteem or feelings of inadequacy?

    Have you worried about the challenge of self-esteem building? Wondered how to improve and raise your self-esteem?

    This self-love spell can help you be your best self and believe it!

  • Weight Loss
    Physical and Emotional

    Weight Loss Spell

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    Between stress, a busy schedule, and readily available unhealthy foods, weight loss can be a challenge. Perhaps that’s why you’re interested in a lose weight spell.

    Perhaps you’ve tried a weight loss diet, weight loss pills or drinks, weight loss meal plan, weight loss exercise or all of those. For some people, these weight loss programs are not the solution and just leave them feeling frustrated and sad. Imagine a gradual shift in your mindset to be craving healthy food choices without struggling through weight loss programs.

    This weight loss spell might help you lose weight effortlessly with a progressive stress-free change of habits that support a healthy weight.

    This change your life spell; performed by a quality spells caster, could reduce your interest in unhealthy foods and increase your love of the taste of healthy cuisine.  It may even help reduce weight through higher energy vibration without any change in your diet. How would it be to have people notice you’re losing weight, admiring and complimenting you. Imagine how great it could feel to be lighter too!

    ***If you feel that a one-time spellcasting may not be enough – there are 2 other options:

    1. Subscribe to receive this 4 times per week (at a discount) to consistently reinforce the energy
    2. View the ALL – Powerful Weight loss Package which is our ultimate weight loss package
  • Weight Maintenance Measure Waist
    Health and Physical

    Weight Maintenance Reiki and Spellcast

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    Do you have various sizes of clothing in your closet to wear based on your weight fluctuating? Do you worry that you’re getting too small or too big?

    There is a balance to everything in life, including diet and healthy weight maintenance. Sometimes your body may forget to give you specific signals to let you know what it needs and doesn’t and that’s not your fault.

    This is a combined spell and reiki at only the cost for one or the other. We have found the best results when we lump these two together so we’re happy to perform both for the cost of only one. Reiki therapy for weight maintenance spell might give your subconscious a nudge so that it starts giving you the cues as to what it needs and help you to crave those foods. You’ll likely also feel that you have less desire for foods that your body doesn’t need.

    You may find that this effortlessly brings about balance in other areas of your life too. Based on the law of attraction for weight maintenance, as things improve and you put out higher happier energy – other positive things are drawn into your too!

    P.S. If you’re looking for weight loss spells with reiki session blessings that are our most powerful – they can be found under ALL-Powerful Packages.

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