2 Of Cups

2 of cups, Two of cups


The 2 of Cups or Two of Cups tarot card depicts a young couple, holding hands and looking into each other’s faces. Their cups are tipped against each other as they make vows of love to one another. Up in the skies above them, the Caduceus of Hermes is visible. This is a staff flanked by wings and has two snakes intertwined on it. This harks back to the ancient symbol of exchange, trade and commerce. On top of the staff is a lion’s head that symbolizes raw fiery passion and energy, suggestive of a similar type of sexual energy between the lovers. There is also the other side of it, the 2 of Cups Reversed or Two of Cups Reversed which is also something we have mentioned below.

The 2 of Cups in an Upright Position

This cups tarot card shows the love energy between a young couple. You forge deep bonds and partnerships based on compassion, pure love and shared values. This is the beginning of a love relationship that will deepen with time.

What Is Indicated When the 2 of Cups Is in An Upright Position

  • The person who draws this cups tarot card is in a close love relationship
  • The couple shares a deep and intimate relationship
  • This individual will find love or strong friendships at the workplace

Perhaps there is an upcoming engagement or wedding

Two of Cups Personality Types in Upright Position

  • The person is very amiable by nature and at peace in his relationship
  • He draws the opposite sex towards him with his smart appearance and successful career

The Two of Cups in a Reverse Position


Overall, 2 of cups reversed denotes disharmony or inequality in your life. Suit of cups tarot depiuct emotions and relationships. Or, a relationship could have gone sour with an absence of mutual respect, leading to arguments.

What Is Indicated When the Two of Cups Is in A Reversed Position

  • The individual is commitment-phobic
  • He fears rejection
  • Perhaps, he has had a broken relationship

Two of Cups Reversed Personality Types

  • This personality dreams of the ideal partner whom he can never attain
  • He considers himself unworthy of love and fears being abandoned by his partner
  • He needs constant reassurance that his relationship is on track

The 2 of Cups in a Time-Based Position

Past: This cups tarot card meaning highlights past relationships and their influence on your life. Past mistakes could be repeated, so dwell on them and learn from them.

Present: This cups tarot card meaning denotes that strong and meaningful relationships could begin now. Begin the hunt for your ideal partner and correct any aberration in your life.

Future: Seek inspiration from your existing relationships so that you can enjoy a strong bond in the future. This card allays your fears about your future partner.

Other Associations

Work or Education: The Two of Cups indicates that a project or partnership is flourishing. You will be able to find another job.

Romance: If you’re already in a relationship, then 2 of cups is very positive. If still single, strengthen your love bonds and share your feelings.

Friends: This card denotes your strong friendships. Don’t make plans. Just hang loose with your friends.

Money: This card in your money sector points to financial equilibrium. You earn and spend but cannot save. Try to balance both.

Health: Ask an expert to address your health issues. Advise others with ailments.

Spirituality and Mentality: Here, life is good. Help those in need and eliminate all the ugly baggage you’ve been lugging around.


Overall, this card of two of cups stands for positivity in every aspect of our lives. If you draw it in a tarot reading, it means that you experience mental peace, good friendships, love and material success. 

2 of cups reversed, Two of cups reversed

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