Knights Of Cups

Knights Of Cups


In the Knight of Cups tarot card, a knight is depicted sitting astride on a white horse. This is the knight of the suit of cups. He holds a golden cup in his hand as if he’s sending out a message straight from his heart. He wears armor above which he wears a cloak with images of fish symbolizing consciousness, water and creativity. His helmet and boots have wings. They represent his creativity and eye for life’s beautiful things. It is also always good to know about the opposing card, the Knights Of Cups Reversed.

Here, the horse doesn’t seem to be galloping but is moving at an easy trot, and is calm. The horse signifies energy and drive while his white color stands for light, purity and spirituality. The background is barren, except for a flowing water body that symbolizes imagination in a situation where nothing positive is possible.

Knight of Cups in an Upright Position

In an upright position, this cups tarot card signifies offers, proposals, invitations and overall, good news. There is also excitement attached to the news being conveyed.

Since knights are known to take action, this card indicates that the time has come for the seeker of this cups tarot card meaning to take action and follow his heart’s desire. This character also stands for affection, gentleness and warmth. Overall, the Knight of Cups is a young, charming and caring person, and a good negotiator too.

What Is Indicated When the Knight of Cups Is in An Upright Position

  • The Knight of Cups signifies a new admirer or lover.
  • He is intense and imaginative.
  • If the seeker is already in a relationship, he can expect a proposal from his partner.

Knight of Cups Personality Types in Upright Position

  • This card reflects someone in love and idealistic.
  • He is artistic by nature and responds emotionally.
  • He is charming, easy-going and easily influenced by those around him.

Knight of Cups in a Reverse Position

The Knight of Cups or the Messenger of Love finds no difficulty in getting his love message across to his lady love. Wherever he goes, he spreads love.

He can easily infuse love in a shy and lonely person. He gently tells them that they are appreciated, valuable and accepted. He always appears when there is a need to declare one’s emotions fearlessly.

What Is Indicated When the Knight of Cups Is in A Reversed Position

  • Overall, this cups tarot card indicates bad news, invitations and offers withdrawn which bring sorrow and disappointment to the receiver.
  • This card advises the seeker not to jump hastily to conclusions.
  • Seeker puts off making a decision.
  • This charming person could be a cheat and a manipulator.

Knight of Cups Personality Types in a Reversed Position

  • This cups tarot card signifies that the seeker isn’t a genuine individual.
  • However, this is tiring and he is exhausted after a while.
  • He has the gift of attracting others to him magnetically, but he won’t allow anyone to get close to him.

The Knight of Cups in a Time-Based Position

Past: This cups tarot card meaning points to the golden era of your life when you reached heights of achievement.

Present: You’ve hit a plateau where you now think about new goals.

Future: The card advises you to remain focused if you want success in life.

Other Associations

Work or Education: You’re carving out a successful life for yourself.

Romance: The time is ripe for proposing to your lady love or waiting for him to propose to you. 

Friends: You’re soon going to make a trip or enter into a joint venture that will have impressive gains for you.

Money: You will see an increase in your income.

Health: Your health will pick up and you will also begin to focus on the important aspects of your life.

Spirituality and Mentality: There are many opportunities for you, so move in the right direction and clinch them.


This card is one of optimism bordering on idealism which isn’t very practical. New beginnings or people in your life will bring joy into your life.

The Page of Cups card centers around childlike innocence and a return to simplicity and intuition.

You can find more information on all Tarot Cards here and if you want to know about the history behind this card you can visit here.

Knights Of Cups Reversed

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