Queen Of Cups

Queen Of Cups


The Queen of Cups is a young and beautiful woman, seated on a throne by the sea. She is the queen of the suit of cups. She admires the golden cup she holds in her hand which has decorated handles in the shape of angels. The angel motif is also repeated on one side of the throne. Her throne is decorated with motifs of fish, sea nymphs and scallop shells and she sits under a pleasant blue sky. The water near her is calm. She places her feet on the pebbles before her. It is also always good to know about the opposing card, the Queen Of Cups Reversed.

While the sea and fish symbolize the unconscious mind, the water stands for perception, emotion and spirit. It feels as if she is one with her emotions. In this card, the Queen’s emotions and thoughts emerge from her subconscious and recesses of her soul.

Queen of Cups in an Upright Position

In this cups tarot card, there are so many references to the sea that there’s a clear reference to the unconscious mind, while the Queen of Cups has her feet firmly placed on the ground. This proves that she is firmly rooted in reality.

One foot of the Queen is revealed and perhaps a little wet with the seawater, while the other is hidden. She is immersed in unraveling the mysteries of the cup, which signifies the spiritual world and her creativity.

The seashells, nymphs and fish symbolize the birth of the goddess of fertility, Venus. This Suit of Cups is linked with artistry and creativity. However, since we all need a balance in life, her creativity is nicely balanced with her rootedness in reality.

What Is Indicated When the Queen of Cups Is in An Upright Position

  • The Queen of Cups is sensitive, compassionate, empathetic, instinctive and loving.
  • She believes in maintaining emotional harmony and building bridges of strong communication with her partner.
  • This is a positive cups tarot card that brings contentment and fulfillment.

Queen of Cups Personality Types in Upright Position

  • The Queen of Cups tarot card points to a woman with strong psychic abilities.
  • The seeker is kind, wise, gracious and spiritual, and cares a lot of pets and children.
  • The seeker is very insightful and believes in constant self-improvement.

Queen of Cups in a Reverse Position

This cups tarot card meaning in reverse position indicates that the person’s psychic abilities are blocked and can also have emotional instability. She also has evil feelings and experiences a lack of control and mood swings.

What Is Indicated When the Queen of Cups Is in A Reversed Position

  • The seeker is emotionally immature and hyper-sensitive.
  • One must not become spiteful.
  • This person is a weak, self-centered and directionless woman.
  • This card warns the seeker not to become vengeful if things don’t go as planned.

Queen of Cups Personality Types in a Reversed Position

  • The seeker has emotional problems and is not empathetic but mean and hurtful.
  • Such people aren’t safe to have around and if one is not rooted, they could be frightening too.

Queen of Cups in a Time-Based Position

Past: Perhaps this classic character reminds you of a strong female member of your family who has helped you.

Present:You should be more patient than normal now.

Future:You’ll soon be in a situation where you will need to show a lot of maturity.

Other Associations

Work or Education: You now need to look for a woman in a powerful place to help you out.

Romance: If you’re looking for a female soulmate, find someone older.

Friends: Look for a friend much older than you to give you the right perspective in life.

Money: Just because you’re going to get financial gains very soon doesn’t mean you to be wasteful with your money.

Health: Be patient because you’re going to need all your mental strength to handle something new.

Spirituality and Mentality: You’re soon going to see the world in an entirely different way.


This cups tarot card defines positivity, creativity and sensitivity but in a reversed position, the person is self-centred, evil and manipulative.

Queen Of Cups Reversed

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