Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles card has a queen who is seated on her throne, which has breasts and cherubs carved on it. On her hands, she holds a large pentacle coin that she is looking at fondly. Around her are flowers and vines. She is humble and calm despite her status. There is also the opposite card i.e. the Queen Of Pentacles Reversed which is also explained below for the benefit of our readers.

The large coin on the queen’s hands represents her wealth. The vines and budding flowers that surround her indicate that she has a lot of material abundance. She has worked hard for her wealth, and this is why she is gazing so fondly at the coin. The breasts and cherub that are carved on her throne indicate that she is connected to nature and fertility. This is a hard-working woman who is an entrepreneur and a mother too.

Queen of Pentacles in the Upright Position

In the upright position, the Queen of Pentacles indicates:

  • Resourcefulness
  • Humble
  • Mother
  • Businesswoman
  • Financially independent

The Queen of Pentacles is the 13th card in the Suit of Pentacles. It is a good luck card that represents a motherly figure who may be helping you maneuver through the challenges of life. It may also represent you if you are a provider in your home. This indicates that people around you rely on your wisdom and nurturing nature to guide them. The card also indicates that you are a financially stable lady with high social status.

When it comes to career and business, this card in its upright position represents success. The card shows a woman who is good at business. This may mean that you get the help you need in your business from a respectable and skilled entrepreneur. Listen to her as you’ll learn a lot from her.

Concerning love and relationships, this card in its upright position represents a person who is loyal, nurturing and generous. If it’s your wife, she is a wonderful and resourceful mother. She is the kind of woman who is admired by others. In case you are single, the card indicates that you’ll meet a woman with the qualities of the Queen of Pentacles.

Concerning money and investment, the Queen of Pentacles in this position is a good card indicating success and wealth. This is a card of financial independence and success in your investments. You may get help from a successful businesswoman with similar qualities as the queen in this card.

Healthwise, the Queen of Pentacles, is an indicator of good health, and it advises you to pursue healthy habits that can help you stay grounded. If you have been dealing with fertility issues, this is a good card indicating pregnancy and fertility.

Queen of Pentacles in the Reversed Position

In the reversed position the Queen of pentacles represents:

  • Dependence
  • Neglect
  • Worry
  • Being overly ambitious
  • Possessiveness
  • Impractical

In the reversed position, the Queen of Pentacles indicates the lack of social status, poverty and lack of control. It shows a chaotic life or a female who is materialistic and immature. She is a social climber, envious and terrible with money. She is also a bad mother who neglects her family.

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Queen of Pentacles in the Time Based Position

  • Past – In the past position, the Queen of Pentacles may represent a time when you enjoyed love and consistent support from a motherly figure. Maybe it was in your childhood. It could also mean that someone with these qualities gave you the support you need in your career or business, and this has made you who you are today.
  • Present – In this position, this card means that you may have a feminine person influencing your decisions. This is a person who can be trusted to guide you in the right direction. It may also mean that you are at a time in your life when you are well-grounded and financially stable.
  • Future – In the future position, this card indicates that you’ll soon be stable materially. You will have enough to provide for your family. So don’t worry if you are not doing too well currently as you’ll experience relief soon.

Queen of Pentacles and Other Associations

  • Element – Earth
  • As a yes or no question – Yes


The Queen of Pentacles is a card of luxury, success, and high social status. It tells of a mature female who may be in your life who is a successful businesswoman, mature and pleasant. She can also be trusted and will give you the guidance you need to move forward. This female may also be representing you if you have such qualities. If you wish to know more about this card visit here.

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