How to Attract Good Luck


To attract good luck, we must be conscious of our want to maximize opportunities. The world we live in is limitless in its chances, and these chances will not always happen by themselves. Those who say they are unlucky create that reality as they’re consciously deciding to focus on being unlucky instead of knowing, and remembering, that there is the potential for good luck. What you say about a situation is just as important as how you say it. These will become manifestations of what you bring toward you, so be sure to clarify your intentions before speaking.

Additionally, if one wants to attract good luck, it’s significant that your actions match your words. To find lucky opportunities, one has to be actively pursuing them, to begin with.  Attempting new and different activities with optimism will increase your chances of attracting what you seek. Inaction will attract what it is, which is nothing. People motivated with a life’s purpose are usually the ones attracting prosperity, so make sure to follow yours.

The Power of Believing in Good Luck

When it comes to good luck and attracting the positive, different people have different perspectives on how it’s done. Various ways are chosen to create good luck through positive energy; many people successfully practice using it daily. Good luck does not have to do with voodoo or being spiritual; it’s merely our mindset that attracts good luck towards us. As good luck appeals to every human’s natural thought process, it’s best to attract it using our conscious thoughts in alignment with positive words.

Follow your intuition

In any situation, you can usually feel what you’re getting into; this is your intuition. A recent survey about lucky people stated that they always follow theirs. Evolutionarily, just as trusting your gut would save you from predators, it will also give you a positive vibe when things are going well. Sometimes, it will have you stay at the current pace of things, other times, it will ask you to increase your efforts. Either way, it’s best to follow your intuition as it cannot lie to you, unlike a human. The same goes for bad feelings. If you can sense that something will not benefit you in the long run, don’t pursue it. Unlucky people will have their intuition tell them something and ignore it. They also won’t get lucky because they’ll try to follow someone else’s successful path, which that someone else is on because they are following their instincts, resulting in either total or partial failure for the person attempting to copy them. They may achieve some of what the other person did, but not everything and this is entirely because it directly disregards their own intuition. Every person has a path that is best for them to follow, don’t try to force yourself on one that’s not yours since your instincts are not theirs. By following the best path for your life, you will inevitably attract good luck.

To conclude, creating luck is essentially manifestation. Your positive vibe will attract people, places, and things towards you. What you choose to think, say, and do will lead you to the prosperity you seek, and since you are entirely in control of your mind, you are also in control of your luck, so use your consciousness wisely and enjoy your new good luck!

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