The Law of Gender

The Law of Gender

As we continue our series on the laws of the universe, today’s article will explore the law of gender.

When you hear the word gender, what comes to mind? Most of us think of biological sex, male or female, and we are right.

So, how do the laws of gender play into our existence and the order of the universe?

According to The Kybalion, the principle governing the law of gender explains that everything we manifest in life has gender; however, it’s not the gender we perceive! 

Instead, it is the notion of begetting, procreating, generating or producing. In other words, whatever that’s in existence exists in singularity but has both feminine and masculine properties.

Further, The Kybalion explains that this gender, both masculine and feminine, manifests on all planes – physical, emotional, and spiritual.

How the Universal Law of Gender Applies in Our Life

As mentioned before, when we hear gender, many think of SEX. The Universal law of gender asserts that the manifestation of this principle as SEX only occurs on the physical plane.

On the emotional and spiritual plane, gender manifests in higher forms under the laws of spirituality

So, what does this mean for existence? It means that creation can’t take place on any plane without the universal law of gender playing a role.

The ying-yang symbol is a perfect representation of the law of gender.  

The Yin and Yang Symbol Representation

The yin and yang symbol has its roots in ancient Chinese philosophy. It’s also known as the symbol of Tai Chi (Taiji). 

The symbol features a circle split into two equal parts by a curved line. The resulting teardrop-shaped halves have two colors: black and white. Black represents yin (feminine), while white represents yang (masculine).

This symbol features widely in Taoist cosmology. But how does it relate to the law of gender

Each half features a circle of the opposite color at the bigger half of the teardrop.   

The black circle on the white and white circle on the black half are highly significant. Each represents one of two primordial energies – masculine and feminine.

According to Taoism, the interplay of these two primordial features births the manifestations in the physical world.

The Interdependency of the Feminine and Masculine: Law of Gender

Feminine and Masculine

The yin yang symbols’ curves and circles indicate the relationship of the principles of the laws of gender as kaleidoscopic in movement.

The implication of these movements is a representation of the gender’s dependence on each other. The shape and structure of the yin yang symbol suggest three things:

  • That the two halves are mutually-arising
  • That they are interdependent
  • That they continuously transform into each other

The conclusion, therefore, is that without the other, one can’t exist on its own. 

Think about it this way; death cannot exist without birth, which means one becomes the other.

Similarly, friendship wouldn’t exist without enmity. In the relative world, that is how the law of spirituality operates. 

The Law of Gender is Two Sides of the Same Coin

The law of gender is like two sides of the same coin – head and tail. 

For example, each half of the ying-yang symbol is different and distinct, yet, neither can exist without the other.

 Think of the circle that encompasses the halves as the silver, gold, or copper ring of a coin.

The outer ring is the Tao of the relationship – the only thing the two sides of a coin have in common.

We struggle to grasp that regardless of how different the two sides are, they are essentially the same.

Think of it this way, whenever you flip a coin, you get only one of two sides –heads or tails. There is no instance where a single flip gives you both sides up.

However, in all instances, whether it flips to heads or tails, the metal circle that nests a coin (and the yin yang symbol) will never change.

The Circles Within the Circle

Regarding the universal law of gender, the yin yang symbol has always been significant. The nesting of the smaller circles inside the bigger outer one serves as a reminder that the black and white opposites are interdependent.

When you look or think of it, it should remind you that the universe and all things in it are fluid and continually changing.

The existence of pairs of opposites might seem like an aspect of human DNA. Still, it’s essential to understand that these sides are two of the same things and will always be a piece of each other.

It’s like day and night or ying and yang; one is part of the other and vice versa. Without each other, they are nothing.

Everything in the world appears and dissolves continuously, which we call birth and death.

This is what Taoism teaches. Yin is the appearance of life (birth), while yang is the disappearance (transition from something to nothing or death).

Understanding How We Can Manifest Using the Laws of Gender

Often, life feels like it’s veering off the path we want to take. Despite following all the ‘rules,’ we manifest fewer results than we would like. 

As an adult, manifesting becomes much harder than it was as a child; this is partly a result of our lack of understanding of the universal laws. Children, on the other hand, are staunch believers in whatever they focus on. The world has influenced us (Adults) to second-guess our every move.

But the good news is that we can get back on track and still manifest whatever we desire using the laws of the universe.

The Influence of the Laws of the Universe on Life

Laws of the Universe

Have you ever thought that learning things like language technically “dumbs you down”? Let me explain.

Before a child can speak or think using words, they rely on intuition, the feelings, and sensations that go through their physical body.

Once you learn a language, your reliance on intuition goes down significantly. In turn, you start seeking feedback from outside rather than from within. 

Thus, begins the disconnect between how you lead your life and the laws of the universe. 

Going by the principles of the law of gender, the feminine represents space, your subconscious mind, chaos, darkness, passive, soft, old, infinity, and potential energy.

It is where creation begins; it is the being of all things in the universe.

On the other hand, the masculine represents specificity, the conscious mind, order, kinetic energy, creativity, activity, structure, and light.

Where the feminine is the being, the masculine is the action (doing) that completes the being for creation to manifest. From the masculine energy, the universe harnesses the focus it needs to manifest things into the physical world.

Must These Two Energies be in Balance and Equal?

The simple answer is NO. These energies don’t necessarily need to be equal or balanced for creation to occur. They only need to be present.

However, the feminine is almost always bigger than the masculine for everything to be in perfect harmony. 

The reason is that for creation to occur, the space within must be bigger than the contents that start the process.

The masculine energy only needs to contribute a small amount of action, which provides the female power the focus it needs to flow.

But the space in which these two come together to form life is always bigger than they are and bigger than the resulting life form.

When there is more feminine energy than is necessary and no masculine energy to give it focus, it breeds:

  • Lethargy
  • Fear
  • Lack of focus
  • Lack of motion

Similarly, when the male energy overshadows the presence of the female energy, it breeds:

  • Exhaustion
  • Overwhelm, and
  • A lot of action with little results

The Law of Gender Explained in Conception

The Law of Gender

For a better perspective, think of procreation or the process of conception. 

For life to form in a woman, the egg and the sperm need to come together; but the female egg is a million times bigger than the male sperm.

The common thing between them is that both exist even before they come together. Like clockwork, the egg always finds its way to a state of being.

However, if the sperm does not fertilize it, no life can be formed, so the egg remains inert and is discarded. 

What happens when the union between the egg and sperm is successful? The role of the smaller sperm ends there, and the Divine Feminine takes over. 

The feminine nurtures the union until life is formed and manifested into the physical world at birth. 

Once conception occurs, the physical role of the father is no longer necessary in the creation process. Instead, the female provides the space for forming a new being.

Other than providing the space, the woman, like the man,  does not need to contribute physically; the nature and coming together of the feminine and masculine works divinely to bring forth a child.

The only time the male energy gets summoned again is during birth, when it inspires action to aid the mother in delivering.

How to Use the Law of Gender to Manifest What You Want

There are three crucial practices that you should observe if you want this law to work for you.

  1. Surrender – Give up your thoughts and actions and tune into the feminine, the yin of creation, and the carrier of life
  2. Raise your vibrations – this is the yang to your yin. Raising your vibrations helps you align your feminine and masculine energies so they work in harmony and perfectly
  3. Make it a habit – once you surrender your thought and feelings and raise your vibrations, make that your permanent state. Only then will the law of gender work to manifest what you desire


The Laws of Spirituality state that, on creation, you are naturally in a state of being – the natural order for creation. Once you are born, you learn to think and speak, which creates an illusion that keeps you from tuning into your feminine energy.

The result is that you have mixed results whenever you try to manifest. To manifest what you desire, you must forget doing by thinking. Instead, tune into your yin and yang, allowing them to come together so they can create your desires.

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