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Again just like the Hanged Man, the Death card is often misinterpreted to mean bad things. In this card, Death is seen as a skeleton riding a beautiful white horse. He has on armor and also holds a black flag. At the ground, people are lying dead, and we see a king and a poor man a reminder that death does not distinguish based on social class. There is also a religious man trying to plead for his salvation. Death armor is proof of his invincibility as he can’t be destroyed. His white horse depicts purity as death purifies everyone. There is also the opposite card i.e. The Death Reversed which is also explained below for the benefit of our readers.

Death in the Upright Position

In this position, the Death card indicates:

  • Transformation
  • Loss
  • Transition
  • Death
  • Illness
  • Endings
  • Beginnings

This isn’t a card of physical death but one that shows endings, change, and cycles. It reminds us that things will pass. It demonstrates major transformations after a great sadness. The advice of an upright death card is for one to let go of the past as now is the time for a new beginning.

Regarding your work and career, an upright Death card advises you not to get too comfortable in your current job position as life is constantly changing. It may signify that it’s time to start that business or take that job that you have been reluctant to accept due to the security of your current position in the workplace. In love and relationships, this card in an upright position may demonstrate that you are about to get into a new relationship that will be very different from the last one. If you want positive results from this new romance, get rid of past baggage and change your habits and attitude as this is the only way to welcome the new partner in your life.

In business and money issues, the card may be telling you that you are bound to face some financial challenges soon. However, you shouldn’t worry as you are likely to profit in other ways from this period of lack. Concerning your health, the card is an indication of health challenges or ill health. However, the card also advises you to take good care of your health during this time. Don’t sweep things under the rug, and if you have been having health issues, seek the opinion of the doctor. You don’t want to end up dead now, do you?

Death in a Reversed Position

In the reversed position death is a symbol of:

  • Cheating death
  • Slow growth
  • Narrow escape
  • Immobility
  • Resistance

In this position, the Death card signifies your resistance to change. Maybe you don’t want to let go of the past, or you are unsure if you should go forward. This card tells you to let go and move forward. It is an assurance that the steps you will take will lead to positive transformations. If you heed this warning, the death card won’t be one of regret.

The Death Card in Time Based Position

  • Past – When the death card appears in the past position, it shows that a closed door in the past has led to the current chapter in your life.  The hardest bit is behind you, and you are almost starting another chapter.
  • Present – In the present position, a death card shows that you may be at crossroads. The advice from this card is that the best decision you can make is to leave the past behind and move forward. It may also indicate a life-changing event coming your way.
  • Future – In the future position, a Death card represents the end of your present situation or a change soon.

It is always good for anyone to thus have a good understanding of this card so that they can make positive changes to their life.

Other Associations

  • Element – Water
  • As a yes or no question – No
  • Astrology – Scorpion

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