Aquarius Man Leo Woman

Aquarius Man Leo Woman Compatibility

Aquarius Man Leo Woman Compatibility
Aquarius Man Leo Woman Love Compatibility
Aquarius Man Leo Woman Compatibility

Aquarius is the eleventh sign on the zodiac. An Aquarius man is the weird or geek guy in the group. Aquarius has a unique way of seeing things, and he isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. They are ruled by Uranus, the planet of revolutionary shifts, freedom, equality, and democracy. Aquarius often have sudden genius ‘Eureka’ moments. They are brilliant, to say the least. This man likes to surround himself with intelligent people, and he abhors unethical and dishonest behavior.

The Leo woman is a lioness and a queen in every way. The personality of a Leo woman is of one who has a good taste and enjoys the good things in life. She is a social being who’s comfortable in her skin. This lady shines brightly like her planetary ruler, the sun. She takes no bull and is extremely protective of her loved ones and family. Leos are also wild, and they love their freedom. The lioness makes no attempt to fit in, and she is an inspiration to everyone around her.

Aquarius and Leo are two opposite signs in the zodiac. The common saying that opposites attract holds for these two signs. An Aquarius and Leo union are like that of winter and summer. Leo is warm, while Aquarius is aloof.  Aquarius is eccentric, while Leo is predictable.

To find balance in life, the Aquarius man needs his opposite the lioness. The Leo woman brings her charm to this love equation,which counters the aloofness of the Aquarius man. While Aquarius is charmed by Leo’s kind and fiery nature, she finds this intelligent and unpredictable man perfect.

Aquarius Man Leo Woman: Trust

Trust is vital for the Aquarius man as it is for the Leo woman.  Aquarius takes time before trusting someone. They need time to know a woman before they can take the relationship to the next level.

The Leo woman is extremely loyal to those she loves and will expect the same loyalty from her man. If trust is ever broken in this union, it will be hard for either of these two signs to forgive.

Aquarius Man with Leo Woman: Communication and Intellect

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The Aquarius man is an excellent communicator. The Leo woman openly expresses herself, especially when she is in love. Nevertheless, the Leo woman will always want to be in control. Aquarius will find it difficult to always step down for Leo as he is stubborn and hard-headed too.Leo must learn to step down sometimes and recognize the critical input of his man.

On the other hand, Aquarius needs to be more communicative when it comes to how much he loves and values Leo.

The Aquarius man is extremely intelligent. He may drift from topic to topic, but at the end of his conversation,there will always be an ingenious idea or innovation. Leo is mesmerized by this intellect and wants to bring Aquarius innovative ideas into manifestation.

Compatibility for Leo and Aquarius: Emotional

The Aquarius man tends to shy away from his emotions. He is detached and impersonal. An Aquarius man has trouble dealing with his feelings, and Leo must be ready to become his best friend.

A Leo woman is more intense and expressive.  The constant need for attention by the Leo woman may not be what the Aquarius man is looking for emotionally. He may feel like Leo is drowning him, making him run in the opposite direction. It’s up to Leo to know where to draw the line when it comes to her demands if she doesn’t want to push her man away.

Aquarius Man and Leo Woman: Love and Romance

These two are intrigued by each other, and this is what brings them together. The Aquarius man appreciates Leo’s warmth while she is turned on by Aquarius’ innovativeness and uniqueness.

A serious relationship between this pair will go slowly as neither of these signs is quick to make a significant change. This will be helpful to the two as they will build a strong foundation for their union. Going forward, Aquarius needs to learn that Leo thrives on praise and compliments.

Being around Leo makes Aquarius more expressive and warmer. Leo learns that not everything is a competition and that she doesn’t have to be right all the time

Compatibility of Leo and Aquarius:Sexual

The sexual chemistry between these two is explosive. Aquarius is playful in bed, while the lioness is adventurous. The Aquarius man is open-minded when it comes to sex, which plays perfectly for the erotic Leo. While Aquarius will be ready to experiment, Leo’s creativity in bed is on another level, and this will keep him interested for a long time.

There is nothing usual when it comes to the Aquarius man and Leo woman in bed. The sex between these two is probably loud and rebellious.

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Leo and Aquarius Compatibility: Marriage

Leo wants a lifepartner who can discover life with her. Aquarius, on the other hand, wants a lady who is adventurous and willing to stand by him. Although the attraction between these two is instant, they will take their time before getting married.

Once married,Aquarius values that now he has a permanent partner by his side. Leo values the compelling conversations she has with her man.

If these two decide to have children, they will make great parents.  Leo will adore her children and shower them with love and care. She will be very protective of her children. The Aquarius father will be the right balance for the doting mother. He will encourage his children to be creative and to think outside the box.

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility: Values

The values that these two share keeps them together.

Both the Aquarius man and Leo woman are highly motivated when it comes to achieving their goals. They don’t like to fail. They also value their freedom and respect each other’s differences. Loyalty is an essential value for these two.

Leo Woman and Aquarius Man: Shared Activities

These two are continually doing something fun and exciting. They are the kind of couple that do things that may seem ridiculous to others.

Their adventurous spirit will see them enjoy traveling around the world. Other activities that they may enjoy include hikes, skydiving, and white water rafting.

The two are also party animals so, having friends over or partying all night will make them happy. These two never run out of ideas when it comes to having fun and enjoying themselves.

Aquarius Compatibility with Leo: Working Together

This couple is determined when it comes to accomplishing their goals. Aquarius will come up with ideas and visions, while Leo will put them into practice. These two can benefit from working as a team as the lioness will appeal to teams and draw crowds while Aquarius accomplishes much when he works independently.

To avoid conflict in this working relationship, the lioness needs to tone down her interference with every task that Aquarius is involved in. Once they find a way to work with each other, these two can become a formidable team.

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The Aquarius man and Leo woman are attracted to each other due to their opposite personalities. Although they complement each other, their differences can also be a source of conflict. Once they learn to respect each other’s differences, this relationship will run smoothly. Their commitment to this union will also go a long way in ensuring a successful relationship.

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Aquarius Man Leo Woman Compatibility

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