Does He Love Me? 10 Obvious Love Signs

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Is the question, “Does he love me?” haunting you all day? Do you want to understand if he loves you back?

Check for these obvious love signs to know for sure if he does!

You can also determine whether your boyfriend/ husband/ partner loves you the same way you love him. Simply observe the love signs!

The simple way out of this is merely asking him straight out, but that would be too direct.

Predict my future brings you the obvious signs of love.

Priority check

Every guy has their priorities, but you will be one of his priorities if you are really important. 

Among work and family matters, he should take time to meet you or call and chat. No matter how busy his day is, taking time to prioritize you shows that you hold a special place in his heart. 

Nurture this interest and give him the same interest and priority. It might grow into something that will last a lifetime!


The guy with the right dedication and respect will always ask your advice before doing anything significant. Big life choices should have your input before he makes crucial decisions. If you are left out of the discussion and only get told the verdict, he is not the right guy. 

If you are already a part of his life and he includes you in these conversations, it is an obvious sign that he into you.

The Protector

If he loves you, he will try to solve your problems to ensure that you have peace. 

  • When around him, you should feel protected and secure, not scared or unsure. 
  • He should be your knight in shining armor!
  • You should be able to express yourself freely to him.
  • He will want his actions to show his love for you. Instead of saying that he will be there for you in your times of need, he is there for you when needed. You do not want a big talker; instead, you want a big doer who goes out of his way to be there for you!

If he does all of this for you, then he is a keeper. Do not wonder, “Does he love me?” instead, watch for obvious signs of his selfless love.


You need your space and “me time,” but you will also need your sweetheart to want to hang out with you. Women expect their men to ask for participation!

  • Rather than thinking that time with you is an obligation, he should be happy and yearn for your participation. 
  • He should want you to be present in his endeavors and feel delighted to spend time with you. 
  • He should not do it out of courtesy but because he wants to, and he loves you. This is a definite love sign.
  • He should be excited to introduce you to his family and cherish your participation in his family events.

Men who give you your personal space are treasures. But the ones who provide you that space and still want to fit into your life are diamonds, the truest of all gems!

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I love you

He will find a thousand ways to say that he loves you. Perhaps not using that exact phrase, but he will express it!

Try to understand his body language. 

  • Notice how he talks to you 
  • holds your hand 
  • cares for you 
  • and protects you 

Being protective is his way of showing his love. Observe and understand if he is taking these actions.

Every man has a different way of expressing his love; try to find out what he is! Some like to tease you to show their love; some will buy you gifts, while others will write love letters. 

Do not undermine these things but try to recognize and be grateful for them. Paying close attention will help you discover obvious signs of love or a lack thereof.


Sometimes men do not understand her emotional needs. But if your guy cares for you, he will focus on your emotional needs before becoming physical. He will understand the need for having feelings before letting your guard down. Mr. Right will wait for the right time to be intimate. 

Respect for your need to wait shows that he cares for you!

Men who go the distance to protect your feelings are showing you obvious love signs

Regular checking in with you

Men sometimes show that they care by checking up on you regularly. They call and ask about your whereabouts or ask you to call when you get home. A man who cares will want to help you feel comfortable and let you know that you matter.

Your man will make sure that you are doing okay and see if you need help. Jumping at opportunities to help is an intense love sign!

If you see this, you will not have to ask, “Does he love me?” anymore. Fellows who love you will try to invest in your life to make sure you are comfortable and doing well.


Men love to tease their women by mimicking them.

This teasing infers that they are paying detailed attention to whatever you are doing. If he can mimic you well, that means he is watching and into you. Mimicking seems silly but is an undeniable love sign. 

Gentlemen do this to make their ladies feel comfortable around them. They want them to know that they can be themselves and be accepted. You can be transparent, and he will love you anyway!

man copying his woman's action of carrying boxes - obvious love signs

Long term

He wants the relationship to last and if committed, he indeed looks at the big picture and not just today.

  • He will work at keeping the relationship strong
  • Your man will not easily give up on either the relationship or you!
  • He will talk about the long term and a future that includes you

This love sign is very evident in a man who is serious about the relationship with his woman.

  In times of need

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He will always be the first one to be there for you when you need someone.

  • You will find him beside you even without asking him because he will pay attention.
  • He will never boast but will silently stand by you all the time!

Bonus Love Signs

All of the above love signs may be unknown, even to him. He may be doing these according to male psychology. His hormones make him do this, and he may even not notice.

You both should try to lead a loving life together and cherish each other; maybe he is also wondering if you love him or not. It is okay to make the first move and make him yours.

There are numerous signs of love, and your man may show love signs that are different than others. It is essential to know that this works both ways. If you do not notice and appreciate his efforts, he may stop showing the obvious signs of love.

A healthy plant will yield healthy fruits of love that both partners can enjoy. You both should equally contribute to building the perfect and peaceful relationship and nurture it to grow into a healthy plant. 

Since you will share a lifetime together, there is no need to rush. Just be sure to persevere. Keep the communication open, kind, and solution-oriented. In communicating about every single thing, you two will sort things out between yourselves and be happy and in love!

Watch this video for a quick recap

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