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We usually wait for the new year to make resolutions about what we should start and stop doing.  As lovely an idea as that is, how many times have you seen that decision to the end? This time, let’s set ourselves up for success to create your best year yet.

Many of us begin the new year with enthusiasm as we pursue new ambitions, but most of us fall back into our old habits within a few weeks.  If we keep doing the same things and expecting a different result we’re going to end up where we’ve always been.

Be kind and patient and trust that you can make small changes to create your best year yet.

Bad habits don’t stop suddenly; neither can good habits be developed suddenly. It’s a process, and it shouldn’t be stressful or painful. A bit here and a bit there and before you know it you’ll already be having your best year. 

Start immediately, taking the first step is key! You can do this!

Here are seven ways to make this your best year ever:

1: Plan

We often look for a shortcut or luck that will take us from where we are to where we want to be.  Let’s not rely on a shortcut or luck in creating the best year ever; we need to have a plan.

When creating your plan, it needs to be realistic.  A successful strategy has to be adequately documented and needs to have realistic timelines that you can manage. 

It is a process; if you stop moving forward, then you will be falling behind.  Creating a plan means writing out what you will do and holding yourself accountable.  Set up a system for tracking your activities and measuring them against what you’ve planned for yourself.  You may not hit every mark, and that’s okay. As long as there is something there that has improved, you are well on your way.

2: Learn new skills

Goals require action, and that means learning new things.  Think about some of the things you want to learn this year and begin to search for the people and resources that will help.  It could be online courses or local classes; whatever it may be, be determined, and follow-through.  

Make use of the time at home or on the drive to and from work to listen to podcasts or audiobooks that can give you new ideas as well as fuel your creativity.  

The more you learn and grow, the easier it will be, keep moving forward!  

3: Discipline and Focus

Distractions, fatigue, and lack of motivation are the most common causes of our inability to focus and be productive.  Getting focused will improve your chances of success and unlock your full potential. You may benefit from the following:

  • Exercising in the morning can help get your blood flowing and ready for the day.
  • Meditation can slow the mind and improve your focus on tasks.
  • Good sleeping habits and routines can be the difference between a good and a bad day.
  • Brain-training can help stimulate your mind.

4: Vision boards and psychic readings

Vision boards are a great tool to imagine what we want for ourselves.  You need to dream about your goals and work on them every day. We can start to shift and train our mindsets by viewing our vision board regularly.

  To make your vision board: envision what you want and put everything on paper or in a digital collage.  Find words that describe how you want to feel and quotes that may help get you through difficult times. Pictures are fantastic to remind you of your goals and keep you motivated.

5: Balance

Balance is about investing in your relationship, career, health, and hobbies; so that each of these areas will thrive.  Invest quality time into each one. Some areas will more time than others but don’t let any go uncared for.  

To create the most successful year yet; aim for success in all the areas of life.

6:  Like-Minded People

Choose to surround yourself with like-minded people who are committed to achieving the same types of goals as you.  

Some may have more experience and can help you.  They may be able to share their successes and mistakes they’ve made, preventing you from making the same.  Your learning curve can be shortened, allowing you to reach your progress at a faster rate.  

Being with like-minded people whether they have more or less experience than you, will help motivate you towards achieving your goals

7: Hold yourself accountable

One of the most essential and vital steps is to hold yourself responsible.  Lack of accountability is one of the most significant reasons for failure. Without accountability, we are liable to fall back into our old patterns.  The secret to keeping yourself accountable is to have a realistic plan.  Track daily and weekly activities and measure those against the new standards you’ve created.  


A step at a time may seem slow, and you may not immediately see massive results. But looking back in a week, a month, and a year, you will see that all those little steps produced significant results.

By doing this year after year, your life can continue to improve, and you’ll gain more confidence in yourself while enjoying personal growth.


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