Is He Cheating? The 12 Tell-Tale Signs to Look Out For

Is he cheating? Cheating is one of the most dreadful experiences you could ever go through in a relationship. However, it is common to find yourself dealing with it at some point in life. You may go through it personally or find yourself helping a close relative or friend get through their suspicions and ultimately find peace.

Cheating takes many forms, and it is difficult to validate your suspicion without hard evidence.

Is he cheating signs

Is he cheating signs are things to look out for if you suspect him of stepping out of your relationship. The possibility of being cheated on sends you down a rabbit hole. What was once blissful becomes the epitome of your worst nightmare. Love and laughter go out the window as doubts creep in, and you question everything he does.

It isn’t easy to deal with a cheating partner and the hurt it carries. If you have your suspicions, however, this becomes an unavoidable topic. The following are tell-tale signs that he is cheating. When considering each on its own, these reasons are not proof of infidelity. Combined, several of these could be just what you need to catch him dead in his cheating tracks.

1. Intuition

 Intuition kicks in when things feel off subconsciously. Sometimes, you start noticing subtle changes in your partner’s behavior towards your relationship.

On its own, intuition is no smoking gun that your partner is cheating. It is only the beginning of something which, if proven right, has detrimental effects on your relationship.

Listen to your intuition and start watching for more is he cheating signs

2. Sketchy alibi

When he starts spending time with people, he’s reluctant to mention or introduce you to; something isn’t right.

Drastic changes in his routine are also major red flags or is he cheating signs. They can include:

  • Leaving earlier than usual
  • Being out later than usual
  • Being reluctant to answer questions about his whereabouts
  • Lying about what he’s up to

Being secretive happens for one of two reasons- he is either planning a surprise for you or making deliberate efforts to hide something from you.

Either way, it is crucial to be mindful of the present and encourage honest conversations about things that may be affecting him. This helps avoid unnecessary emotional torture and drama in your relationship as opposed to throwing around unfounded accusations.


3. Technology

With technology, communication has become easier today than it was before the digital age. The same goes for cheating. Is he clinging to his devices more than usual? May be he is slamming the computer shut whenever you walk by. This is a clear indication that he’s up to something you’re not privy to.

The excitement of infatuation makes it impossible for him to stay off his phone or computer.

Is he cheating on me? Other signs that you need to watch for:

  • Taking phone calls in another room
  • Picking calls in the middle of the night
  • Waiting till you’re out of earshot before talking on the phone

4. Accuses you of cheating

It is easy to accuse somebody of something you’re guilty of. If he is cheating on you, it will be easy for him to accuse you of cheating.

This is especially true if he feels you’re getting too close to the truth. It makes more sense for him to beat you to the punch by throwing you off your game. He can get extra offensive if he doesn’t know how to stop cheating or doesn’t want to stop. It is sure-fire ‘is he cheating on me?’ behavior.

That way, he can continue sneaking behind your back while you wallow in doubt. He makes you spend more time defending your actions instead of using the proof you’ve gathered to get the truth from him.

5. Lack of Communication

Communication is a key component to the success of any relationship. Effective communication caters to your emotional needs as you share vulnerabilities.

Communication allows you to catch up on what’s going on in your partner’s life away from home. Is he cheating signs:  he stops talking to you, texting, calling, or going out with you. This could be a sign he is getting his emotional fix elsewhere.

6. He no longer invites you to events

It is normal to involve your significant other in your life as much as you can. This strengthens the bond you have and clears up any doubts about your intentions. If he suddenly stops inviting you to events he’s attending with friends and colleagues, there is a good chance something is going on.

If you’re wondering, is he cheating on me? Well, inviting you may have slipped his mind, or the events are strictly business. If this isn’t the case, he may be leaving you out to make sure you don’t meet his latest fling.

7. Goes MIA. Is he cheating?

Has he been going MIA lately? Does that make you wonder – is he cheating? What happens when you ask where he has been? If he is seeing someone else, he’ll answer any question regarding his whereabouts defensively.

He becomes easily irritable without reason and doesn’t want you questioning him “like a child.” This tactic is used to avoid giving answers to the questions you have.

8. Over-interest in you and overcompensating

Having an interest in what your partner does and how they look is a genuine way of showing affection.  It’s a beautiful thing!

Noticing some details he didn’t acknowledge previously about you, such as a new hairstyle or showering you with compliments and gifts could be guilt eating at him.

It motivates him to be kinder to you to avoid conflict. Overcompensating makes him feel like he’s making up for what he’s deprived you of, through his escapades with another person. Is he cheating? Sure, looks like it.

9. Keeps mentioning someone’s name. Is he cheating on me?

Trying to have a conversation, but Britney’s or Kristy’s name (who you haven’t heard of before) keeps coming up? That’s enough to make you question – is he cheating on me?

Notice if he keeps bringing that someone’s name up, it could be on the top of his mind because of his newfound excitement with her. Have your plans for date night changed from intimate settings to double dates in dive bars on karaoke night?

On his part, this is a subconscious attempt to spend more time with someone he’s made a connection with.

10. Strange expenses

He’s been working so hard to make your shared dreams come true, and you want to reward him. You go through the payments in your account to see how much cash you have to work with without derailing any plans.

While at it, you notice things you didn’t order and haven’t seen – meals at a restaurant, tickets to an event, or a jewelry purchase. When it happens often, and you don’t see any of the things he paid for, the unexplained expenses should make you ask yourself – Is he cheating on me? This is undoubtedly a strong hint of infidelity.

11. Change in behavior

Men are creatures of habit. It takes them twice the effort to develop new traits. If he is habitual in his routines, but you start seeing specific changes, it may be time to pay more attention to the reasons behind the change.

He might start paying particular attention to things like his clothes, new music, movies, or his aftershave. If he is, the reasons might be that he heard your comments on these things and decided to change, or – is he cheating? Perhaps he’s trying to impress someone else. This is one of the more obvious – is he cheating – signs.

12. You find hard evidence

So you noticed significant changes in his behavior and decided to follow up on your hunch. Coming up with hard evidence is undeniable proof that he is cheating on you.

Be direct about this with him and let him know how it makes you feel. In most instances, cheating wrecks long-running relationships. However, some couples have bounced back stronger from such experiences.

Is he cheating on me?

Is he cheating on me? This is a question you never want popping in your mind. The answer to this question has the potential to ruin something you’ve probably worked on for years with your partner. The state of mind and feelings that come with it are unbearable. Once it sets in, this question tugs at every inch of your heart, and the corners of your brain.

The pit that forms in your stomach won’t go away until you get to the truth in this matter. The idea of peace and rest sounds foreign as you start playing detective in your relationship and get on on a journey to uncover the deceit of infidelity.

You’ve wondered – is he cheating on me – and you deserve an answer.

How to stop cheating

How to stop cheating is a puzzle for many. The approach taken determines the fate of your relationship. If you want it to weather the storm, these steps will set you on your way to do just that.

1. Figure out why you cheat

Stepping out of a committed relationship is not easy. However, this is one of the most common challenges faced by couples in monogamous relationships. If you have gone through this, then you know that cheating happens in the mind long before it happens physically.

To know how to stop cheating, you must figure out why you cheated. Are you lacking something in the relationship or want to try something you think your partner won’t support?

Address the reasons you have for cheating and find ways to solve the problem to avoid such conflict in the future.

2. Be honest with your partner

When you’re trying to rebuild what you lost after cheating, it is advisable to have candid conversations with your partner. You don’t want your partner always to be wondering – is he cheating on me?

Share your thoughts, feelings, and anything else that you feel will help redeem you. Be actively transparent in what you do. However, don’t deprive yourself of personal freedom, because that can create a whole new problem from the one you’re trying to fix.

3. Consider the kind of relationship you want

Cheating happens for several reasons. If the type of relationship you’re in isn’t working, it is probably the reason why you cheated.

Evaluate the relationship you have and consider the kind of relationship you want to have. Have an honest conversation with your partner. Tell them you’re not sure how to stop cheating if things stay the same. Then focus on finding a solution that will help make your connection and relationship the best it can be.

4. Seek professional help

When you’ve cheated and seen the consequences of your actions, seeking professional advice for your issues is one way to fix the problem.

While doing this, be sure to inform your partner as you learn how to stop cheating. They will appreciate your efforts because the pain of cheating also affects them. A relationship expert will give you the tools you need to make your relationship work and improve its quality.

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