The Five Don’ts of Dating


It is an incredible feeling to go from being just a friend – to a romantic companion to someone. There are beautiful sides to love, but there are also downsides to dating. These often come to light once it’s too late to save the relationship. These are the Don’ts of Dating. The hard part is staying consistent to the point where you genuinely feel as though you know this person. You’re sure you want them in your life long-term.

In the process, you’ll find things arise that you don’t necessarily like but have to deal with. Otherwise, it’ll snowball into a problem that leads to the relationship failing. Being conscious of what you should not do in these scenarios will improve your relationship. That will help it reach long-term status. Here are the ‘Don’ts of Dating’ to avoid:

1. Don’ts of Dating: Don’t Make them Feel Replaceable

This first one of ‘Don’t of Dating’ relates to how your partner feels when they’re around you. Many people have a bad habit of making their partner feel as though if they were to leave, they could easily be replaced. As everyone wants to feel like they are essential, this is in direct contrast with that emotion and puts a strain on your bond. Being aware of this means you have to make sure to communicate how much you love your partner in both actions and words. This supports your relationship by making them feel irreplaceable. When they feel like that, they want to keep you feeling that way, so they generally try harder.

2. Don’t Flirt Around

The second one of ‘Don’ts of Dating’ is how we relate to others while dating someone. Unconsciously, some people have a habit of flirting with others in entirely random situations. You need to be aware of it if you do this. The person you’re dating will not appreciate watching you give flirty attention to someone else. Everyone tends to get a bit jealous. If they are also in love with you, it will “especially” feel like a betrayal. It’s essential to make your partner feel as though you are one hundred percent in the relationship. So stop the unnecessary flirtations.

3. Don’t Focus on Material Gifts: Don’ts of Dating

The third one of ‘Don’ts of Dating’ is about the foundation of your relationship. If your main objective is to shower your partner with material gifts to prove how much you love them, you are setting up a weak foundation. Just as how you treat them matters, what you gift them and when, is equally important. You cannot produce an emotional connection from material things, and you will not work through problems by giving them something instead of an apology.

Love thrives on being who you are at all times, and this should always be kept in mind. If you feel that the only way to enhance your charm is to give great material gifts, this won’t be seen as love, and dating this person will not be long-term. We each have a different way of receiving love. Some people like physical affection, some like you to help them do things, others might like words of praise and compliments, etc. Often, we give love the way we receive it. If we like gifts, we tend to give them because that’s what we want. But each of us is different. Figure out what it is that your partner needs to feel loved. And on top of being a great friend and partner, share your love with them in ways that help them feel loved.

4. Don’t Treat Them Like Your Ex

The fourth one of ‘Don’ts of Dating’ is not to treat your current partner as if they were the last person you dated. Holding on to what you had with your ex and applying that situation to the person you’re currently dating is one of the fastest ways to ruin a relationship. A new foundation cannot be stable if built on crumbling bricks and the last relationship crumbled, so why build on top of that? Sweep away all those thoughts; this is a new, great person.

Imagine if your parents decided to treat you exactly like your sibling. Since you are not them, being dealt with and compared as though you were, would not feel pleasant. Relating this example to a relationship, in the process of building trust with your current partner, connecting everything they do to someone else’s experiences from your past won’t bode well for your future together. Your ex is not your current partner for a reason, so don’t treat the new partner as if they’re your ex.

5. Don’t Hold on to Anger

The fifth and final one of ‘Don’ts of Dating’ is to not hold onto anger. Maintaining petty grudges that slowly but surely develop into deep-seated feelings of resentment and anger can only add complications to a relationship. Love should make you want to work through issues and forgive your partner easily. If you find that in your relationship you don’t feel safe to communicate with your partner, so you have to try to ignore any problems that come up, one day you find yourself in a rage and realize that you are not with the right person.

Dating involves communication, and if your partner won’t accept your feelings to discuss things, that’s not fair to you, and this will accelerate the end of your relationship. For smaller items; acceptance of your partner with their strengths and weaknesses is necessary. Holding on to grudges gives the impression that you can’t deal with them at their lowest. As soon as you feel upset or angry, ask yourself – is this truly a big deal? If so, talk to them. If not, let it go and be happy!

Conclusion: Dont’s of Dating

To summarize, the main ‘Don’ts of Dating’ is to make sure they feel irreplaceable in actions and words, communicate your feelings without bribing them, and making sure to treat them as who they are, not someone from your past. Being mindful of these tips with your partner will help to guarantee that your relationship stands the test of time.

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