4 Quick Feng Shui Tips To Lift Your Energy and Increase Your Joy

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Do you sometimes feel low and unhappy because you’re picking up a lot of negative energy? Other times you may feel miserable for no apparent reason!  This can build up so much and leave you feeling physically unhealthy, causing your productivity to lower and in turn, causing even more frustration since it appears that things aren’t getting done effectively. Here are some quick Feng Shui tips to uplift your energy and increase happiness.

This negative energy situation could make you less lively, fun, and energetic! In fact, it causes the opposite, and that can damage your relationships with other people, making you feel even worse. 

What is needed is a smooth, natural flow of positive energy that will kick start you back to a healthier and happier life. Feng Shui helps to achieve this by creating an uplifting and comforting positive energy flow to your mind and body. 

So let’s get started and have today be the day that you make a few small changes that can make a significant effect! But first, what is Feng Shui?

What is Feng Shui?

If you’ve been asking the question of what is Feng Shui, the answer is surprisingly simple! The Feng Shui is generally referred to only as Feng Shui. The Feng Shui meaning is about creating smooth, positive energy flow to lift a person’s mood and peacefulness level. Feng Shui for the home has been most common although Feng Shui office layouts are becoming increasingly popular since many employers and employees are spending most of their day there. 

The Feng Shui definition is “wind-water.”  Wind and water are flowing substances and are essential to the health of the earth. Feng Shui, in the same way, is vital to the mind, body, and soul because it brings in positive energy flow. 

Quick Feng Shui Tips to Lift Your Energy

Include Plants and Fresh Air for Best Feng Shui in Your Home

Make your home feel natural by bringing in some plants. Opening curtains and windows will allow for the entry of fresh air and sunlight, which can also lift your mood. 

Nature helps to create positive energy for your body and soul. Interacting with nature every morning, even in your house, can lift your spirit and give you a fantastic fresh start to the day. 

Choose most any plant other than cactus or dying plants. If you have dying plants in your home, now is the perfect time to fix that. Some of the best Feng Shui plants include the money tree and air-purifying plants such as the peace lily or Boston fern.

As a bonus, there is also prosperity energy that is brought in by the greenery of nature and a fresh breeze.

Arrange the Furniture in Your Home to Welcome You and Your Guests

Consider the furniture arrangement in your home. If areas are blocked off physically, that can also reduce the smooth energy flow or even block the energy flow entirely in some cases. 

Arrange the furniture so that it’s comfortable to walk throughout.  When coming into your home, it should feel open and welcoming, with no significant barriers in the entryways. Most of these barriers can be removed simply with a little bit of furniture rearrangement and reorganizing. 

It’s also best to have as many flowing or rounded objects as opposed to those with sharp pointy designs. Anything that can cause injury tells your inner self that the home is not safe and can alter your calmness.  

Now the time to clear the cutter! Having too many things or objects can leave you feeling drained.  Feng Shui is about being able to get maximum energy in your home and self!

Feng Shui Colors

Once you’ve rearranged the furniture to create better Feng Shui or flow you might want to consider painting your rooms with Feng Shui colors that are appealing to your eyes. 

When purchasing paint or any other items, consider how the color makes you feel.  If it pleases you, then it’s most likely right for you! See how you feel when you enter that room, what does it do to your energy?  Feng Shui colors should create positive, joyful energy in your home, body, and mind.

Feng Shui colors are generally rich in earth and skin tones such as tan, terra cotta, cream, and cocoa. These rich earth tones are used in Feng Shui because they create calmness as does the nature of our earth!

Feng Shui in the Bedroom

Feng Shui in the bedroom is about making your personal space peaceful and balanced.  With thoughtfulness of furniture placement and minimizing electronics, you can begin this transformation.  

Begin by positioning the bed centrally and if possible, have a nightstand on both sides to bring balance. Keep all closets and drawers closed to give a clean and tidy flow to the room. 

Any pictures or artwork should bring you a peaceful feeling and uplift your spirit! The bedroom is usually best in skin tones as well, but if you prefer a favorite paint color, then you should have it! So go ahead, if you like, and paint the walls that color. 

Bring in Feng Shui to help your bedroom feel warm and embracing by adding skin tones to your artwork and accessories. Skin tone colors give off a nourishing, warm, cozy feeling. They bring in earthy nurturing energy, which we especially require at nighttime. 

Fresh air is vital for Feng Shui.  Windows left open whenever they can be is hugely beneficial as it increases the natural oxygen and energy flow. If the weather makes open windows unfeasible;  an air-cleaner with a Hepa filter can help with the pollutants in the air.

You deserve it!

With these four quick Feng Shui tips, you too can feel balanced and feel increased energy.  You deserve it! Start making little changes and watch the excellent energy attract other positive energies and begin to change your life for the better!

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  1. If you still feel sluggish and low-energy after a long and maybe challenging winter, here are some proven-and-true feng shui steps to lift your energy up. Spring cleaning will help you make space for new, fresh feng shui energy to come into your life. Declutter your kitchen: If you are looking to improve your health, get rid of all the items that are cluttering and blocking the energy flow in your kitchen (especially your cupboards and the freezer.) The state of your kitchen is the state of your health, so do yourself a favor and thoroughly clean that kitchen! De-clutter the refrigerator; clean the stove and all the pots and pans. Let go of all harsh chemical kitchen cleaners and go for natural ones. Clean out all the drawers, surfaces, light fixtures, etc. – create a fresh pathway for strong, vibrant Chi to flow and nourish your energy.
    Your post is great too!

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