How Is Astrology Different from Psychic Prediction?

Astrology versus Psychic Predictions

Most of us tend to confuse the two terms, Astrology and Psychic prediction. However, there are several differences between them. To understand the differences between Astrology versus Psychic Predictions, one needs to delve just a little deeper into these fascinating topics.

It is also helpful because you can derive many benefits from this knowledge and make your life happier and more straightforward.

First, let’s start with the basics!


What is Astrological prediction?

Astrology observes stars and planetary movements and their impact on our daily lives. The discovery and use of astrology date back to the second millennium BCE and has been used since then to predict seasonal changes, natural disasters, and more!

An astrologer can discover your zodiac sign by gathering information like your place of birth, delivery time, and location’s latitude. After some calculations, you receive predictions of your future and traits. 

Astrology needs in-depth studying; it is related to the study of numbers, alchemy, and meteorology. Celestial objects form a more significant part of astrology, and everything needs a careful calculation to give a prediction.

According to Ackerman, “Astrology combines myth and math.”



What is Psychic prediction?

People who have extraordinary powers make psychic predictions. It does not require any special education. Psychics use their “Extra-Sensory Perception” to reveal the universe’s hidden truths to ordinary people.

Many well-known psychics have used their powers to reveal what the future holds.

Some people genuinely possess the power of communicating with divine forces and energies.

Psychics communicate with supernatural elements and read their clients’ energy to predict their future. They can similarly act as a channel of communication between spirits and human beings.

Everyone in this world has a sixth sense for sensing the occurring events. Psychics are people who have worked towards and honed/polished/fine-tuned their sixth sense so that they can perceive and then predict future events.



Who is better between the two?

It’s a very subjective question, and we will leave it up to you to decide. One can observe the two concepts well to understand the matter of Astrology versus Psychic Predictions.

Some people believe in astrology, but some think it is vague and prefer psychics to astrology. The choice lies in a person’s beliefs and previous experience.

We can outline the general differences as below:

First, an astrologer will make your birth chart according to the celestial objects’ movements and predict your future based on that. The constant shift of the planets and their positions influence a person’s life. The planet that dominates at a particular time will affect you through that time. If this force is harming your life, the astrologer suggests ways to neutralize the power of that planet. If some planet or celestial body is affecting your life, they can provide options and solutions too!

On the other hand, a psychic will sit with some cards, crystals, or only their intuition to predict your future. They may ask you certain questions and/or give you the choice to ask your most important questions. Psychics receive answers for you with the help of cards and other tools or only their intuition. They also communicate with spirits, spirit guides, angels, and nature to make a prediction.

It’s a Matter of Priorities

Both these service-providers make accurate predictions, but you will have to test and decide which of the readings suit you best.

If you are religious, you may opt for a psychic reading with lots of incense sticks and serene music to make you feel comfortable. But suppose you are more of an organized person. In that case, you can opt for astrology as it employs computers and applications and calculations for reading your future.

A psychic and astrologer provide you with solutions with the help of a wide variety of remedies. You can rely on either of them, depending on your perception and needs.



How do I choose? Astrology versus Psychic Predictions

Your decision of choosing between the two will depend on quite a lot of factors; ask yourself these questions to select:

“What are my immediate needs?”

“What am I concerned with?”

“Do I want a solution or just a prediction?”

Now let’s look at the answers:

If you want to focus on anything particular, you should go for a psychic reading. They are good at pinpointing something specific, as well as overall. Perhaps questions about your love life or crush, or a career or home move or life as a whole.

If you only need a general viewpoint, then you would be okay to go with an astrologer. Their predictions are not as accurate regarding minute details. Still, they can give you a look into the overall phases of your life.

A Primer on Astrological Predictions

However, it helps to know that astrological predictions are of two types:

First is a broad level, which you get for free on TV, the internet or newspapers. It is the general horoscope of the zodiac and how their day will be. It is not cut out precisely for one individual, so it’s best not to rely on it entirely. For example, if your horoscope says that you have a high chance of earning money today, you may still not make any. It is because the prediction was for a whole group of people and not just you. Many among the group will earn according to the horoscope.

The second type is a specific one. An astrologer will tell things about you and your future based on what he sees on your astrological chart. The prediction will be much more precise, and it will not specifically apply to anyone else in your zodiac sign. 

For example, if you are a Cancer and your chart says the best age to get married is 27. It certainly does not mean that every Cancer’s best age to get married is also 27.

Another point on which you should base your decision is cost. It’s an important aspect, and here is why. Looking for services at a low price generally means lower quality readings. Their price depends on their ability and experience. 

Please don’t throw your future and beliefs in an amateur’s hands. Do proper research about their abilities.

An astrologer or psychic can make or break your future, so choose wisely and not be overly money-minded about it. Always chose quality over price as it’s your life that you are helping you figure out.



Can these two concepts be amalgamated? Astrology versus Psychic Predictions

It is common for readers to use astrology and psychic powers together. They do not like to pitch the two against each other in a Astrology versus Psychic Predictions debate.

Many psychics have studied astrology after realizing they are interested in this field. They nurture and cultivate both these skills for more robust and accurate readings.

You will encounter people who have successfully blended the two concepts and have used it for peoples’ good.

Despite all this, if you must determine which one you want; do you want a psychic reading or an astrological reading, then read on further:

Suppose you are opting for a psychic reading. The psychic predictor will not need your time or place of birth, or any of your past. Intuitives focus on your energy and your personality. He/she will connect to you and divine consciousness for guidance in making your prediction.

However, if you want an astrological reading, they will not read your energy or you. They will not need to know about your past. Still, they will need your date of birth, birthplace, and the other aspects required for astrological calculations.

Whenever you hire either of these services, try to find out more about the individual before deciding.



Conclusion : Astrology versus Psychic Predictions

Either one of the services discussed above is appreciated well in every corner of the world. But one can certainly enter into a healthy discussion about Astrology versus Psychic Predictions.

This article has highlighted various points of differences between astrology and psychic reading. Still, the similarity between these two is that both work for the betterment of humankind. They help relieve people of their burdens and worries. They answer the troublesome questions of people’s lives and give them an idea of their future holds. Great readers also help get their clients back on the path to their best and happiest life.

Build trust with one or two readers, so you can openly talk to them. Numerous opinions will add to the confusion, and you might end up in chaos. Once you are sure, get on a psychic hotline to get your doubts cleared for good. For best results, visit predictmyfuture.com as they offer best-in-class 5-star psychics and astrologers for all your worries and queries.

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