Aries Man Pisces Woman

Aries Man Pisces Woman Compatibility

Aries Man Pisces Woman Woman Compatibility
Aries Man Pisces Woman Woman Love Compatibility
Aries Man Pisces Woman Woman Compatibility

An Aries man and Pisces woman match may seem like a far fetched idea considering that these two signs seem to have very little in common, unlike other horoscope signs of compatibility.

However, the unusual positive combination of the fire and water elements thrives because these two share a contra-antiscia relationship. A contra-antiscia relationship is a combination of two zodiac signs of compatibility where one of the signs commands while the other one obeys.

Therefore, the Aries and Pisces compatibility works since Aries is more than ready to lead, and Pisces doesn’t have an issue being an obedient follower.

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. This fire sign is courageous and ambitious, and rams make great leaders who are confident and motivated. They are also passionate and lead with great optimism. The downside of this sign is that these stubborn rams are impatient and can be very aggressive when they want something.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac. The fish have the most empathetic and compassionate personalities in the zodiac. They are extremely sensitive, and their attention is often divided between fantasy and reality. These flexible beings are loveable and easily likable as they do their best to meet the needs of others. The personality of Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the governor of dreams, which makes them very creative. The segenerous fish, just like their governing body, are known to be escapists preferring to sweep issues under the carpet rather than solve them.

Aries and Pisces Compatibility:Trust

An Aries man in love is fiercely loyal to his mate. He is not shy, and he will let his partner know how he feels. He is equally protective of his woman.

Aries’s protective and possessive nature is what can bring some trust issues in this relationship. The good thing is that Pisces is super trusting, and she solves any love issues smoothly.

Further, trust is crucial for these two in any relationship. The best way the partners can earn trust from each other is for Aries to give insecure Pisces attention. Pisces also needs to open up more often to gain the confidence of the jealous Aries.

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Pisces Woman with Aries Man Compatibility: Communication

Aries man Pisces woman together will often find themselves engaging in long intellectual conversations. Their communication is perfect with no dull moments, as intellect meets with imagination and reason, merging into shared goals.

Pisces is always talking about her dreams while an Aries man is more than willing to share with her his accomplishments and give her advice on how she can make her dreams a reality. These conversations strengthen the connection between these two.

Aries Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility: Marriage

Marriage of a Pisces woman with Aries man can be beautiful if the two understand each other.

Pisces makes a wonderful wife, especially when she gets total attention and care from her husband.  She willingly allows her masculine Aries to be the hero in this relationship. The super trusting and calm nature of Pisces plays well when it comes to solving marriage issues.

Nonetheless, the fish needs to focus more on her partner as her aloofness may leave Aries feeling unwanted. Also, her moods can shift like the ocean tides, leaving her upbeat Aries wondering what went wrong so fast.

On the other hand, the ram needs to take care not to be too harsh on his fish as this can hurt her sensitive feelings.

Pisces Woman and Aries Man Compatibility: Emotional

Emotions flow thick and fast in an Aries man and Pisces woman relationship. Pisces are very mystical and emotional. A Pisces woman likes to swim in a sea of emotions, which often makes Aries feel like his partner is retreating in a shell of her own.

The good thing is that Pisces is a good listener who offers excellent emotional support to Aries. She will care and look out for her man both physically and emotionally.

An Aries man is extraordinarily protective and always wants to emerge as the hero. He will be willing to offer physical and emotional protection to his damsel when she is in distress.  He gives his delicate woman all the safety she needs.

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Pisces and Aries Compatibility: Love and Romance

A Pisces woman and Aries man are bound to have a passionate and robust romantic relationship. Aries enjoys all the attention that his partner gives him while the fish looks forward to the security and protection that Aries provides.

These two despise conflict, and so they will do all they can to avoid disagreements. Their love for a drama-free relationship will also mean they will keep their love affairs private from outsiders who would like to invade their bond.

Aries is a fiery romantic lover ready to please his mate with flowers and candle-lit dinners. Pisces,who is flexible, will likely go with the flow and excellently meet his man’s desires.

Pisces is also sensitive to her man’s moods and will successfully decode the desires of her mate even before he talks of them. The passionate ram will be too happy to reciprocate with love and affection.

Pisces Woman Aries Man Compatibility: Sexual

When an Aries man and Pisces woman come together in a sexual relationship, sex is bound to be fiery and different.

Pisces are attractive and easily likable beings, and their affectionate and gentle nature will attract the ram. The party animal in Aries will want to figure the beautiful Pisces out. Pisces will be happy that she has a cardinal to rule her sex life.

The fact that Pisces likes sex will also make an Aries man feel powerful, and her allowing him to lead will stroke his ego. However, Aries should be aware that his woman needs a man who can make an art out of a sexual encounter. Aries will need to work harder on his sex game to reach the sexual wonderland that Pisces desires.

Something that can spice up the sexual relationship between these two is role-playing. It will keep Aries interested while Pisces will bring her imagination to the table. Weird and kinky sex will satisfy both partners.

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Aries and Pisces Compatibility: Values

It is without a doubt that Pisces and Aries both take honesty and trust values very seriously in a relationship. It would be great if both would work at being 100% honest with each other. They also need to work on any trust issues they might have.

Aries also values an expressive person.  He doesn’t have time to play mind games and would rather have someone who is straight forward. He is the opposite of Pisces, who is intuitive and loves her dream world.

However, if the ram is willing to be gentler with his fish, she will open up and reward him with a fulfilling relationship. Pisces is a devoted partner willing to make great sacrifices to please her man. She expects the same from her man. Aries should be careful not to abuse Pisces love or take her kindness for weakness.

Pisces Woman Aries Man Compatibility: Shared Activities

A Pisces woman will enjoy an activity that doesn’t include crowds, especially if it triggers her creative side.

On the other hand, the care free Aries will want to be where the action is. If these two are to enjoy any activity together, they should look out for activities that are fun but away from the crowd.

For instance, a trip to an out of town art museum will be ideal for the two.Kayaking on a lake would also be great, and so would long nature walks.

Pisces and Aries Compatibility: Working Together

These two complement each other when working together. Aries is a hardworking person willing to take the lead in a work relationship, which is perfectly okay with Pisces, who is a follower.

Moreover, Aries has a lot of vitality, which can be a boost to his more relaxed partner. Aries will strive to make the dreamy Pisces fully alive in the workplace.On the other hand, Pisces will want to bring the best out of her partner since she is a great team player who is willing to take care of everyone’s needs.

However, things can go incredibly wrong when the forceful Aries pushes his partner too hard to get things done. Things may even get worse if he starts to order her around. So, Aries needs to soften his edges if he is to keep Pisces happy.


The Aries man Pisces woman match consists of cardinal fire and mutable water. The Aries man provides the security a Pisces woman needs, and the gentle Pisces brings out the compassionate and soft side of the ram.

These two different signs may face lots of highs and lows in their relationship, but if they are open to making their union work, it will be worth every effort.

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Aries Man Pisces Woman Woman Compatibility

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