Scorpio Man Aquarius Woman

Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility
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Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

The Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman union is made up of two untamable signs. Scorpio is passionate, intense, and extremely stubborn. Scorpio is a water sign with lots of raw emotions. When he wants something, he pursues it passionately. He is a romantic at heart and has a charm that many find hard to resist. Despite him being mysterious and secretive, he is intelligent and prefers the company of someone as smart as him. His friends are few, and anyone who breaks his trust can never be forgiven.

The Aquarius woman is an air sign. She is knowledgeable and overwhelmingly optimistic about life. She is a happy soul who loves to help the vulnerable. This lady fears commitment, but she is loyal and devoted to those in her inner circle. The personality of an Aquarius woman is one of a non-conformist. She is also a go-getter who seeks out limitations and breaks them.

Aquarius is a lady who is her own person and doesn’t follow the conventional ways of doing things. Scorpio is attracted to Aquarius due to her love for independence, while Aquarius is attracted to Scorpio’s mysteriousness. Scorpio often feels that people around him are too dull, but when this free-spirited lady steps into his world, things change. Aquarius takes on the dormant Scorpio and makes him explode with inner passion.  These two are fascinated by each other, and this becomes the start of a deep and enduring union.

Scorpio Man with Aquarius Woman: Trust

An Aquarius woman takes her time before rushing into a relationship. She fears to commit and isn’t too open to intimate relationships. She will want to be sure of Scorpio’s intentions before letting him in her inner circle.

Similarly, the Scorpio man is a charmer, but he has very few intimate friends. He doesn’t trust easily due to his emotional insecurities. But when he trusts, he is extremely loyal. If Scorpio wants to win the trust of this lady, he will have to seek her out. He also needs to reduce his possessiveness as this lady values her freedom. If Scorpio gives Aquarius the respect and independence she demands, she will reciprocate by being extremely devoted to this man.

Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman: Communication and Intellect

Aquarius is open-minded, and she respects other’s opinions.  She gladly accepts the extreme views of Scorpio as she isn’t judgmental. This helps Scorpio relax around her and open up to her. The only time these two may crash when it comes to communication is during conflicts. Scorpio and Aquarius are both stubborn, and neither wants to back down during an argument. They both have to learn to apologize if there are to have harmonious conversations.

The Aquarius woman has a sharp mind, and she looks at situations in a balanced manner. Scorpio is intelligent as well, and he also has an intuitive mind. These two have a similar apprehension towards society and its rules. Others may see them as rebels and outcasts, but this different way of doing things brings them closer together.

Aquarius Woman and Scorpio Man: Emotional

Scorpio man is more emotional compared to the Aquarius woman. Scorpio man feels everything in a profound and intense manner. Aquarius is indifferent and emotionally passive. Unlike Scorpio, she doesn’t like wallowing in her feelings.

Aquarius is an air sign who wants to roam freely rather than being tied down by the possessive Scorpio. Scorpio needs to loosen his grip on Aquarius if she wants this lady to be there for her emotionally.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Scorpio: Love and Romance

Scorpio and Aquarius are attracted to each other from the moment they lay their eyes on each other.  Scorpio wants to know Aquarius better while Aquarius wants to unravel the complex Scorpio.

Aquarius prefers to be with an optimistic partner who is honest. Once she knows that Scorpio can be fully trusted, she becomes extremely loyal and dedicated to him.Scorpio is intelligent and seeks a smart partner, Aquarius fits the bill perfectly. The coming together of these two signs brings together two wild and untamed signs, allowing the two to enjoy love with little regard to societal restrictions.

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Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman in Bed: Sexual

Aquarius woman and Scorpio man are attracted to each other physically, which ensures they enjoy a vibrant and exciting sexual experience. These two are intense in bed as both are determined to enjoy their time in between the sheets. Scorpio is a passionate and imaginative lover. Aquarius likes novelty, and though she doesn’t show a lot of passion in bed, she is open to experimentation.

More often than not, things between these two do heat up in the bedroom, and neither of them is ready to back down. The result is fireworks and unforgettable sex for this duo.

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Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility: Marriage

Marriage between Scorpio man and Aquarius woman will not be without challenges. Scorpio wants Aquarius to take on her wife’s role seriously. He can also be possessive, something that doesn’t auger well with independent Aquarius. This lady is a rebel and isn’t one to follow the conventional gender roles. These issues, if not resolved early in the marriage, can result in lots of misunderstandings.

The good thing is that both are determined to make this marriage work. They are steadfast when they make a serious decision such as getting married. This will allow them to sail through the shaky parts of this union.

As parents, these two balances each other well. Scorpio is sensitive to the emotional needs of his children. Aquarius stimulates them intellectually while exposing them to lots of fun and adventure.

Compatibility for Aquarius and Scorpio: Values

Scorpio is extremely passionate in everything he puts his mind into. Aquarius values freedom more than anything else.

In a relationship, Scorpio seeks an intelligent partner who can commit to him while Aquarius wants someone honest and truthful. It pays that Aquarius is brilliant while Scorpio is loyal and devoted to those he values.

Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility: Shared Interest

Scorpio and Aquarius will want to go to many private dates where they can have stimulating conversations and learn about each other. They will prefer quiet places such as the beach or a less crowded pub. A date to a botanical garden or any other location with a serene and natural environment will also interest these two.

Visiting the vulnerable in society is something that will make Aquarius happy. Scorpio won’t mind tagging along as long as this makes this lady happy.

Scorpio Compatibility with Aquarius: Working Together

These two are incredibly stubborn, and neither will want to change their ways for the other. Despite this, they make a great team as they respect each other’s ways of doing things.  Neither of these two is lazy or dramatic in the workplace, so they do get work done.

Both Scorpio man and Aquarius woman have the potential to come up with innovative solutions to problems. A Scorpio man has an intuitive mind, while Aquarius has an unconventional way of doing things. Further, the Scorpio man will work well independently while Aquarius loves to work with others and help them out where they are stuck.


Scorpio and Aquarius start as loyal, honest, and devoted friends. To move past the friendship phase, they will have to learn to communicate their boundaries to each other. Once the two grasp how to meet each other’s expectations, they will make each other happy.  

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Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility
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