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Achieve Prosperous Living Through Spiritual Empowerment Are you having trouble paying your rent or car payments? Do you wonder why others have beautiful things that you want? This ebook is designed to help you learn how to be in tune with every spiritual aspect in life no matter what belief, religion, or doctrine, and achieve total Financial Prosperity. With only 43 pages, and not packed with dense text, it sets out the critical facts clearly and concisely. It’s time to reduce the worry and start having the things you desire and deserve! Table Of Contents Chapter 1: What Is Spiritual Empowerment? Chapter 2: Enriching the Spirit – 5 Tips Chapter 3: Spiritual Empowerment through Alternate Therapies Chapter 4: Being Your Own Spiritual Coach Chapter 5: Learning from Life and Moving On Chapter 6: Spirituality and Money – Understanding the Equation Chapter 7: Understanding the Secret of the Law of Attraction Chapter 8: Thinking and Growing Rich Chapter 9: Striking the Balance between the Inner and Outer Aspects of Your Body Chapter 10: Moving Closer toward Spiritual Nirvana

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Cast a Spell to Do Good! Why to NEVER Send Curses

Cast a Spell or Curse or Hex

Cast a Spell or Curse or Hex? 

A blessing is a form of channeling energy from a divine higher power to create good. Some call it magic or casting a love spell, it’s not actually magic, but we don’t mind that word when paired with the word “white.” 

A curse or hex is similar but with the intent to hurt someone. This can cause a lot of suffering not only to the recipient but also to the person throwing the curse and to humanity in general. We’ll explain further below.

White magic is an effort to help, to heal, to do good. We use all these words interchangeably in this article, but to us, it’s genuinely a blessing; and it’s a beautiful thing. 

Both are governed by the Law of Threefold Return meaning that the energy we release into the world, whether negative or positive, returns at three times its strength.

Keep reading to understand what happens to you and the universe after casting a spell. Moreover, you’ll also learn why throwing a hex or curse can hurt you and everyone else.

What Can White Magic Do for Me?

The main reasons people ask for blessings (spells cast) fit into one of three categories; money and wealth, love and happiness, or peace and understanding. These are also the main desires of most humans. 

While we love to point out our differences or don’t feel connected to one another, in reality, we all want the same things. To utilize white magic to have a spell cast on our behalf, we might choose a spell for love or a spell for money and wealth. However, love spells are by far one of the most common.

Love magic and the Reunion of Partners

Happy couple smiling because love spell got them back together. White magic spells for love.

The types of blessings involving white magic spells for love are the most common spells cast. Whether finding a life partner or getting back with an ex, love is humanity’s strongest desire.  

People are often looking for instant love spells, spells of attraction, and spells to attract a specific individual. 

They will ask for binding love spells and any spells about love you can think of. But do they truly understand love and what it means? Are they prepared to love in return? Will they send their own love to the person pulled in from the love spell cast? Because this is an absolute requirement. 

It helps if a blessing of self-love is cast prior to this but not essential. It’s vital to love yourself before you can truly love another. It is also important that you can accept the love they have to offer you.

Candles Used for Summoning Love

One of the most famous spells for love passed down over the generations has been the red candle love spell. 

Red candles are familiar focuses for spells cast about passion, love, strength, courage, lust, and sex. They hold the power of emotions as well as sexual pleasures. 

Red candle blessings (included in all love spells) are powerful, so consider carefully before requesting this spell. You must be 100% committed to the outcome. You must be genuinely willing to love the recipient for the white magic to resonate with the love spell cast. 

If you are not truly ready for love, then a love spell is not recommended. You must be able to send your loving energy to work with the blessing to achieve the strength needed for it to work effectively.

Why Do We Look for a Love Spell that Works?

One of the things we search for most in life is a partner to love and spend the rest of our life with. We want a person to cherish and take care of, a person that will take care of us and help us through this challenging life. Somebody to hold our dreams and protect them, to help us as we walk on our journey or just to be proud of us. We desire a lover to be attentive to our needs and become our family, someone to grow old with that will always care through good and bad. 

This is a lot and comes with many requirements individual to each of us. So to sum this all up as; we all want true love.

What is a Voodoo Love Spell?

A Voodoo spell for love is much like the more common red candle love spell; however, it will have different rituals and focuses. Many people mistakenly accuse Voodoo magic as black magic; however, this is not the case. It’s just another form of magic heavily linking to shamanism, and just like all forms of magic can be practiced in several ways.

Some ways benefit people, the community, and the world overall, while other ways will attempt to bring darkness into our world with ill intent.  It is commonly referred to as white and black magic – blessings and curses. We must be vigilant that we only ever cast or request white magic and blessings. Otherwise, if we seek out black magic and throw curses, this will have adverse effects on us all.

Spells for Money and Wealth 

Box full of money created by money spells. Wealth spells may bring in money and lottery wins.

While these blessings will not instantly create money in your wallet or purse, they can help you increase your wealth and standing. It might come in from lottery or a job promotion, gifts or other means. The results will appear subtly. Just like all magic, we ask the universe to set us on a path that will bring us what we want from life, so choose carefully when you ask for your blessing. 

In the case of money and wealth, you may be nudged in the direction of that new promotion. Perhaps it may suddenly come to you of a new plan or idea to increase your wealth. You may have a windfall or find a new job and career opportunity you couldn’t see before. The blessing will put you on a natural path for new successes and financial increase. 

All you need to do is open your eyes to the world of possibilities now created for you. Open your mind to them coming true and prepare yourself to take the opportunity the blessing has provided. 

What Is a Blessing and Who Can Cast Them?

Woman relaxed and peaceful after receiving a spell cast with white magic.

Blessings or spells are acceptance and redirection of positive energy by a skilled practitioner connected to the spiritual realm.  This spiritual practitioner casts spells, specifically in the case of a blessing, as white magic.  

When energy is channeled into the universe to new directions with a purpose to trigger positive effects on people, objects, or places, this is known as casting a spell (blessing). 

Helpful blessings are performed in various ways, such as mantras, rituals, and prayers. For white magic to work, the spell caster must be powerful, practiced, and have a deep understanding of the wishes of a higher power. 

Items can help magnify and direct the spells such as herbs, flowers, healing crystals, sage, oils, candles, water, and any other objects that resonate with instructions from the divine. 

Other helpful factors can be a naturally powerful location that is pre-charged with spiritual energy. Or specific phases of the moon for different types of spells, such as full moon love spells cast on a beach known for its passion. These places and situations help the spellcaster to focus power and attention while binding and redirecting this supercharged energy to its new purpose of blessing someone. 

The blessing caster will conduct this energy from the divine through them, then on to the fortunate person that is receiving this sacred energy. 

What Happens when we use White Magic?

Blessings are white magic that will only ever channel positive energy for positive effects. That’s important since all realms are connected. Any change we make via the use of magic, or any disruptions in the natural energies of our physical realm, are then reflected into the entire world. This energy even more powerfully reflects back at the spellcaster and also to any of those involved. 

When using white magic, this can only be a good thing – a blessing if you will.  The positive energy that has been sent out and redirected bounces back after its journey to the world stronger than ever. This energy washes over the spellcaster and all those involved, then into the world as a whole. 

Therefore sincere and safely practiced positive spells (blessings) can be a significant driving force of positive energy for the world.  

What is a Curse and Why Should I Never Throw One?

A curse is a black magic spell, bound in dark energy, it has ill intent, and its purpose is one of negative effects that can only cause harm to all involved. 

Positive energy directed by blessings is recreated and reciprocated from the spiritual realm and reflected back to the caster and all involved. The same happens when curses are thrown, but black magic is used to create negative effects. Negative energy is reflected back to the spellcaster and the requester. 

Nobody can hide from the cost of black magic, and as such, it is extremely dangerous and should never be attempted or even considered. Remember the Law of Threefold mentioned earlier? It can only cause pain and suffering that will repeat itself every time it is used. Sayings like ‘what goes around comes around’ and you ‘reap what you sow’ are correct. They reflect this principle well as the Law of Attraction. 

Conclusion on Spells, Blessings, White Magic, Black Magic, and Voodoo

Anything coming from love with pure and loving intentions is a blessing to the entire earth. This includes spellcasting, blessings, white magic, and voodoo in it’s positive and loving form.

Black Magic and negative intent voodoo cause more negative energy to float around and affect all of humankind. Under no circumstances does negative spellcasting, curses, negative voodoo or black magic ever benefit anyone. Even the sender suffers. 

Stick ethically and with compassion to white magic and love. You’ll receive the greatest outcomes and help to make the world a better place.

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