EMF Protection Reiki


You may find that Electromagnetic Frequency shielding or EMF shields help block EMFs from your computer, phone, wifi, TV, microwave and more. EMFs could be affecting your thinking or physical health.

Many people who have been feeling dizzy, experiencing headaches, fatigue, foggy thinking or other symptoms have turned to EMF protection.  This type of energy-clearing reiki and protective blessing works with your auric field to help as an EMF defense.

Our Reiki practitioners use what is often referred to as healing crystals to help protect you. They choose a special piece of black tourmaline that matches your energetic frequency because it’s known as the power of positivity stone. This semiprecious gem is believed, in crystal-healing circles, to reconnect you to the earth and neutralize negativity.

Secondly, they choose a piece of Shungite, which is said to absorb and completely neutralize the negativity and dangerous frequencies of EMF radiation. People often refer to Shungite for EMF Protection as an ancient miracle stone of the new digital age.

Reiki masters who perform EMF reiki protection say that their clients often describe themselves as thinking clearer and feeling more energetic along with other positive results.

How often are you exposed to cellphones, computers, laptops, cell towers, TVs, wifi, microwaves, etc?

If you feel that EMFs are affecting you, this may be the EMF protection you’ve been wanting.

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