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    Health and Physical

    Chakra Cleansing & Balance Reiki

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    Have you felt that you are not yourself lately? Maybe nothing extremely stressful is happening but you aren’t feeling in a good emotional state. Or perhaps you don’t feel the greatest physically. It may be time for a chakra cleansing and chakra balancing.

    This reiki healing energy and chakra session is designed to help you through combining a chakra cleanse with a chakra rebalancing.

    Imagine feeling so realigned through the chakra balance and cleanse that you feel like your happy self again.

    Even though we’ve combined two items (chakra balancing and chakra cleansing) you’re only charged for one. We feel that the need for these two together is so important that we throw in the second for free. We want you to feel better!

  • Health and Physical

    EMF Protection Reiki

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    You may find that Electromagnetic Frequency shielding or EMF shields help block EMFs from your computer, phone, wifi, TV, microwave and more. EMFs could be affecting your thinking or physical health.

    Many people who have been feeling dizzy, experiencing headaches, fatigue, foggy thinking or other symptoms have turned to EMF protection.  This type of energy-clearing reiki and protective blessing works with your auric field to help as an EMF defense.

    Our Reiki practitioners use what is often referred to as healing crystals to help protect you. They choose a special piece of black tourmaline that matches your energetic frequency because it’s known as the power of positivity stone. This semiprecious gem is believed, in crystal-healing circles, to reconnect you to the earth and neutralize negativity.

    Secondly, they choose a piece of Shungite, which is said to absorb and completely neutralize the negativity and dangerous frequencies of EMF radiation. People often refer to Shungite for EMF Protection as an ancient miracle stone of the new digital age.

    Reiki masters who perform EMF reiki protection say that their clients often describe themselves as thinking clearer and feeling more energetic along with other positive results.

    How often are you exposed to cellphones, computers, laptops, cell towers, TVs, wifi, microwaves, etc?

    If you feel that EMFs are affecting you, this may be the EMF protection you’ve been wanting.

  • Increased Engery
    Health and Physical

    Increased Energy Reiki Quick Boost

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    One of the major complaints of adults is the lack of energy to complete daily tasks.

    Do you find yourself missing your bed during the day?

    This type of energy reiki blessing may assist with boosting your energy and increasing personal productivity quickly, so you can get back to the life you want!

    For an energy boost natural remedies can be used. We use clear quartz and hematite stones in this spell and reiki session to assist in rapidly boosting productivity.

    This is great for times you are feeling sluggish and just unproductive at home, in school or at work. Gift yourself an energy boost today!

  • Sleep Well
    Health and Physical

    Insomnia Relief Reiki and Sleep Spell

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    Are you an insomniac who lies awake at night when you should be asleep?
    Have you tried over the counter sleeping pills with no results?
    Are you tired of searching how to fall asleep fast?

    Perhaps the best sleep aid for you is a distance reiki session and spell of sleep!

    This insomnia Reiki therapy and sleep spell may help you with how to get more energy and with feeling like you’ve had a good night’s sleep.

    Sleep spells and Reiki for sleep can assist you in finding a sense of mental and spiritual balance which can help relieve insomnia symptoms.

    If your problem-solving mind keeps spinning so you can’t sleep or you wake up fearing that you heard something or from nightmares, this might reduce the negative energy that causes your nighttime anguish.

    How would it feel to wake up well-rested not having awakened all night?

    Good sleep is important for your overall health and happiness. You deserve to start your day happily, with a sharp, rested mind.


  • Headache
    Health and Physical

    Physical Aches and Pains Reduced Reiki

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    Pain reduction reiki together with a spell to reduce physical pain, are channeled from the reiki practitioner to the patient to enhance positive life energy and may help reduce stress symptoms, pain, and fatigue.

    You don’t deserve to go through physical pain and suffering. This pain removal ritual has been said to be very helpful for removing severe pain of physical ailments as well as emotional suffering relief and for stress relief. This has been helpful when used as a safe alternative for pain management.

  • Cheap Psychics
    Health and Physical

    Renewed Energy Reiki – Long Term Ambition

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    Do you find yourself tired all the time?

    Are you always feeling you are running on empty or with low energy?

    Everything in the entire universe is energy, including you. There is plenty to go around, but you used up a lot of effort and strength in helping others, and it’s time that you got your energy tank refilled for long term physical energy and ambition.

    This blessing might help you to subconsciously tap directly into Source Energy and take whatever you need because that energy well never goes dry. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, we all give and take, which creates balanced energy.

    Imagine how amazing and ambitious you could feel by getting back all that energy that you expended on everyone but yourself. Imagine doing what you want with the confidence that you won’t run low on energy and become exhausted. This can help you achieve a natural energy boost.

    You deserve to feel energized and filled with enthusiasm and joy!

  • Psychic Predictions
    Health and Physical

    Speedy Recovery Reiki

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    It has been said for centuries that Reiki healing is the most natural and holistic healing available.

    They also say that Reiki healing was practiced long before anyone took pills for physical healing.

    This recovery reiki session and recovery assist spell offers you the potential to feel better soon.

    Reiki masters will send a current of healing energy through your body that may assist in the fast recovery of an injury or illness, such as recovery from addictions or healing trauma.

  • Weight Maintenance Measure Waist
    Health and Physical

    Weight Maintenance Reiki and Spellcast

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    Do you have various sizes of clothing in your closet to wear based on your weight fluctuating? Do you worry that you’re getting too small or too big?

    There is a balance to everything in life, including diet and healthy weight maintenance. Sometimes your body may forget to give you specific signals to let you know what it needs and doesn’t and that’s not your fault.

    This is a combined spell and reiki at only the cost for one or the other. We have found the best results when we lump these two together so we’re happy to perform both for the cost of only one. Reiki therapy for weight maintenance spell might give your subconscious a nudge so that it starts giving you the cues as to what it needs and help you to crave those foods. You’ll likely also feel that you have less desire for foods that your body doesn’t need.

    You may find that this effortlessly brings about balance in other areas of your life too. Based on the law of attraction for weight maintenance, as things improve and you put out higher happier energy – other positive things are drawn into your too!

    P.S. If you’re looking for weight loss spells with reiki session blessings that are our most powerful – they can be found under ALL-Powerful Packages.

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