Renewed Energy Reiki – Long Term Ambition


Do you find yourself tired all the time?

Are you always feeling you are running on empty or with low energy?

Everything in the entire universe is energy, including you. There is plenty to go around, but you used up a lot of effort and strength in helping others, and it’s time that you got your energy tank refilled for long term physical energy and ambition.

This blessing might help you to subconsciously tap directly into Source Energy and take whatever you need because that energy well never goes dry. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, we all give and take, which creates balanced energy.

Imagine how amazing and ambitious you could feel by getting back all that energy that you expended on everyone but yourself. Imagine doing what you want with the confidence that you won’t run low on energy and become exhausted. This can help you achieve a natural energy boost.

You deserve to feel energized and filled with enthusiasm and joy!

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