Money Master


Introducing the MONEY Master Package! Combining all the power of blessings, prayers, reiki, energy sessions, assistance from angels, guides, intuition, and crystals. This financial life-changing package is very popular!

Quantum physics laws say that everything that exists is made of energy.

MONEY is energy!!!!

Vibrational forces in MONEY can create an abundance of MONEY or piercing poverty. Why do some get blessed by receiving every need and desire but others not? It all boils down to energy.
Powerful enough energy can manifest itself into reality. Your finances can be affected by an underlying imbalance within your energetic system. Since MONEY is energy, it’s possible to work directly with its energetic factor to easily transform the energy of your finances. Most manifestation methods fall short since they count on merely working with thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and the conscious mind, however, are only small pieces of the solution. The solution lies in balancing and strengthening your energetic system in the area of MONEY.
This package involves combining the extraordinary power of blessings, prayers, reiki, energy sessions, intuition, guides, and assistance from angels, in channeling energy that could conceivably strengthen, balance, and align your energetic system with that of MONEY ENERGY to enable your financial abundance.

How do you feel about moving from stuckness and struggle – to ease and flow, allowing money to effortlessly stream into your life?

This three-and-a-half-week process of balancing and strengthening your energetic system in the area of MONEY has a 91% success rate. Money inpouring often begins before the end of the process, but your package will still be completed for most valuable results.

How it works:

Fill out the form we will provide at the time of purchase with a brief explanation of what you’re hoping for and first names of anyone involved.

You will receive an email weekly.

If we are directed to use items such as sage, oils, flowers, herbs, candles, etc., these will be provided by us and used FREE OF CHARGE.

You should receive a notification email within 2 hours or less informing that we have received your info and have begun. We understand that this is a pressing matter and we prioritize ALL-POWERFUL packages over all other blessings.

The MONEY Master All-Powerful Package usually solves the most difficult of all financial situations.




Everything should be for the higher good. No negative services are offered. We do not provide curses or black magic or any negative energy casting service. Our work is performed through love and light only.

We do not want to take credit for good things that may occur for you. We feel privileged to be channels through which the Divine can pass blessings when requested. Everything is to the credit of a higher power.

Ordering packages for someone else: We find in 1 out of 2,000 cases they may not be willing to accept help. If we find energetically that they are unable to receive the gift, you’ll be refunded with an email explanation within less than 2 hours.

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