Weight Loss Package


The Weight-loss All-Powerful Package usually solves the most difficult of all weight-loss challenges.

Combining the power of blessings, prayers, reiki & energy sessions, assistance from angels, guides, intuition, and crystals.

This package has the potential to aid you in your weight loss journey.

Have you been dieting with no change on the scale?

Have you lost all motivation to try?

Have you never been able to find the motivation to begin with?

We are here to help!

A major issue holding people back from reaching their weight loss goal is negative energy blocking their chakras. When any of your chakras are blocked it negatively affects the corresponding endocrine gland and organ related to that particular chakra. This can interfere with your power to rid yourself of excess weight. For instance, if the throat chakra is unbalanced or blocked, it could have a direct effect on your thyroid which could be slowing your metabolism.

Other times it might feel like you’ve lost your willpower when perhaps it’s something energetic in your chakra system affecting you; making it very hard for you to have the willpower to persevere.

There are many reasons someone may not have been able to lose weight. With our large variety of powers working with you on your journey, no stone, (or pound) will be left unturned.

We are great at identifying the obstacles holding you back, in fact, our success rate is 92%!

We’ve heard things such as:

• This is the best way to lose weight!
• I like that I was able to lose weight exercise free. I’m so busy this made weight loss easy!
• Trying to lose weight by walking wasn’t working for me. Now I walk 3 days a week because my mindset shifted and I like it! The weight loss was fast and I have a lot more self-confidence.
• I believed that to lose weight calories had to be drastically cut and I had to eat like a rabbit. I still enjoy the things I like but after all these years I am craving healthier foods. That doesn’t stop me from having treats when I feel like it. I just don’t feel like unhealthy foods as much now.
• I was searching for a weight loss program online and wasn’t expecting this! I accidentally typed in how to loss weight easy and fast instead of how to lose weight easy and fast. Everything happens for a reason because that typo brought me to Predict My Future and I DID lose weight fast and easy! I found some accurate psychics here too. Thanks!
• I couldn’t figure out how to stop food cravings. I tried all the tricks for how to lose weight quickly and how to lose weight in a week. I had a wedding to attend and I really liked this guy that was going but I wanted to lose weight from face because my chubby cheeks were embarrassing. I need weight loss help I told my aunt. I asked her how to lose weight in 7 days and she said this weightloss package was the best way to lose weight for her. I had good results in 7 days and then I kept losing more until I reached a healthy weight!
P.S. He and I danced all night and we’ve been on 6 dates. I’m so happy I’ve lost the weight and got the guy!
• I thought the solution to lose weight was breakfast. That wasn’t enough but this was.
• I’ve never found an easier way to gain muscle and lose fat. For me this was the best way to lose fat. I feel proud that I took the step because I kept putting it off, and now, I’m more energetic and happy than I thought possible!

This package is not a ONE-time prayer or reiki service, but an ongoing multi-faceted energy-work plan designed to aid you towards reaching your goal.

Though a one time spell may have the power to jump-start your lifestyle change; this package will be continuously blessing and cleansing you with the potential to create the ongoing weight loss you desire.

You may find you reach your weight loss goal before our package is complete, but for best, long term results we will still complete our work because we want you to have the best weight loss results!

This weight loss package has the potential to assist in the most difficult of cases. Order today to begin your new life!

How it works:

Fill out the form we will provide at the time of purchase with a brief explanation of what you’re hoping for and the first names of anyone involved.

You will receive an email weekly to update you on the progress we’ve been making for you.

If we are directed to use items such as sage, oils, flowers, herbs, candles, etc., these will be provided by us and used FREE OF CHARGE.

You should receive a notification email within 2 hours or less informing you that we have received your info and have begun. We understand that this is a pressing matter and we prioritize ALL-POWERFUL packages over all other blessings.

Everything should be for the higher good. No negative services are offered. We do not provide curses or black magic or any negative energy casting service. Our work is performed through love and light only.

We do not want to take credit for good things that may occur for you. We feel privileged to be channels through which the Divine can pass blessings. Everything is to the credit of a higher power.

Ordering packages for someone else: We find in very rare cases they may not be willing to accept help. If we find energetically that they are unable to receive the gift, you’ll be refunded with an email explanation within less than 2 hours.


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