2 Of Swords

2 Of Swords


The Two of Swords tarot card depicts a blindfolded woman holding two swords across her chest. In this swords tarot card, She is dressed in a long robe and being blindfolded means she is at a crossroads about a problem whose solution is not within sight. Perhaps, she lacks the information to decide. The two swords are perfectly balanced, suggesting that she weigh her thoughts perfectly to arrive at a solution. There is also the opposite card i.e. the 2 Of Swords Reversed or Two Of Swords Reversed which is also explained below for the benefit of our readers.

She stands on the edge of the sea which has rocky islands. The water stands for her emotions and the Suit of Swords for the intellect and mind. The water suggests that she must use both her heart and head to reach a decision.

The islands stand for problems along her way, suggesting that the road ahead is rocky while no clear decision is imminent. The crescent moon symbolizes intuition, suggesting that she use this power to decide.

2 of Swords in an Upright Position

The Two of Swords Tarot card, tarot interpretation in an upright position suggests that the seeker is looking for balance in his life to achieve his goals. This could be an uncertain time laced with indecision.

If there are external conflicts, resolve it now. The seeker should take a break to understand the various aspects of the tough choice that is before him. He should face reality as it is, despite the odds.

What Is Indicated When the 2 of Swords Is in An Upright Position

  • For the seeker to reach a decision, he must make peace, reach a compromise, be passive and avoid conflict.
  • However, if this swords tarot appears, the seeker will not experience passiveness for long.
  • He weighs his options before taking any action.
  • He is afraid of letting people know what he stands for, lest he upset them.

Two of Swords Personality Types in Upright Position

  • The seeker looks for harmonious relationships.
  • He cannot work in friction-filled environments.
  • He seeks a balance in life and tries hard to lead a peaceful life.
  • The seeker prefers to avoid arguments.
  • If faced with change, he thinks of the way it will affect others rather than himself.
  • He hides his inner thoughts and feelings.

Two of Swords in a Reverse Position

This swords tarot card stands for delays and indecision. It suggests that stress, worry and fear can be so overwhelming that one can experience mental or emotional turbulence, leading to indecision.

The person could also be highly resentful, very cautious, cold and on his guard. This card can also show up a person being able to see the road ahead after his mental fog lifts.

What Is Indicated When the 2 of Swords Is in A Reversed Position

  • This tarot swords card, tarot interpretation stands for confusion, misinformation and a general lack of ideas.
  • The seeker makes faulty decisions, is not assertive and unjust.
  • If involved in legal disputes, they will not be in his favor.

2 of Swords Personality Types in a Reversed Position

  • This swords tarot card stands for the need for reflection, intuition and logic to resolve all problems.
  • It suggests that any anguish the seeker has been going through will soon come to an end. For this, he needs to get back his spiritual balance.
  • The seeker seems to be struggling to see the truth of a situation because he is besieged by hypocrisy and fallacies. So, the blindfold needs to be removed from his eyes. Only then will the truth be visible to him.

Two of Swords in a Time-Based Position

Past: In this position, the card represents a time of the seeker’s life when he was in a rut. This made him indecisive.

Present: The card advises the seeker not to procrastinate anymore. He should consider his options and go ahead.

Future: This swords tarot card reminds one of his present state of mind in regard to taking tough decisions. The seeker should quickly solve his problems, instead of remaining at a crossroads.

Other Associations

Work or Education:The seeker will have to take a call very soon.

Romance:If the seeker is already in a relationship, he will be happy. If single, you could still be indecisive.

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Friends: This means that the seeker bonds well with his friends.

Money: The card advises that the seeker check his financial inflows and outflows.

Health:If the seeker is ill, he mustn’t defer treatment.

Spirituality and Mentality: The card says that the time is right to help others with their problems.


The Two of Swords is all about striking the right balance in every sector of one’s life. If you wish to know more about this card visit here.

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