6 Of Cups


It is the 6th card in the suit of cups. In the Six of Cups tarot card, we see a boy leaning towards a girl and offering her a cup with a white flower and other foliage. The girl’s love and respect for him come through clearly through this innocent gesture. These two children also stand for adults’ childhood memories. It is also always good to know about the opposing card, the 6 of Cups Reversed or Six of Cups Reversed.

The children are seen standing in the foreground of a large home that symbolizes safety, comfort and security. Near them are four cups filled with flowers, while a fifth is placed on a pedestal behind the boy. In the background, an older person walks away from them, as if telling them to enjoy their innocence and freedom. A clear blue sky stands for happiness and optimism.

The Six of Cups in an Upright Position

This cups tarot card meaning represents a beautiful and innocent childhood. The boy stands for a bright future while the girl represents the past. Their close relationship signifies the pleasure of reuniting with relatives or old friends.

The senior figure in the distance signifies the tensions of life that prevent us from enjoying life. The buildings represent rock-solid security, while the barren land depicts the loss of a happy past.

What Is Indicated When the Four of Cups Is in An Upright Position

  • This cups tarot card indicates that a person from your past will soon re-enter your life
  • It also denotes that you have enjoyed a happy childhood
  • It relates to the child in you and reminds you that home is where you belong
  • The seeker is comfortable in his own home and with his present occupation

Six of Cups Personality Types in Upright Position

  • The seeker is sensual but must learn to respect his and others’ boundaries
  • He is pleasure-loving and has extreme responses to his emotions
  • The person is stuck with childhood memories and has unresolved and deep-seated issues

An escapist, he seeks a way out through his sensual experiences

The Six of Cups in a Reverse Position


This cups tarot card shows that the seeker has gone through tough times in childhood and they haunt him even now. The seeker tries to make his friends happy but fails in his attempts because he needs to be happy first.

What Is Indicated When the 6 of Cups Is in A Reversed Position

  • You are successful in putting your unhappy past behind you
  • With counseling, you have resolved issues of childhood

Six of Cups Personality Types in a Reversed Position

  • Six of cups tarot card points to a quitter
  • He likes an uncomfortable and an extreme lifestyle and life’s thrills, irrespective of their consequences
  • He tries to escape thinking about his traumatic childhood by assuming bad lifestyle habits
  • Has no individuality

6 of Cups in a Time-Based Position

Past: In this position, the card means that you have had a normal upbringing with good experiences. But don’t get trapped in thinking of the years gone by.

Present: This cup denotes that you spend too much time thinking about your childhood or the best part of your life. Instead, enjoy the present.

Future: The card advises that you use your golden memories to be a roadmap for the future.

Other Associations

Work or Education: The Six of Cups in this sector means that your work or education isn’t going according to plan.

Romance:  Use your happy past as a springboard to the future. Your relationship is settling down after the initial honeymoon phase.

Friends: Your childhood friends might revisit you. This reunion will make you happy.

Money: If someone owes you money, you could get it now. Perhaps, even an inheritance.

Health: You still bear the scars of an event in childhood. Concentrate on being healthy and be active.

Spirituality and Mentality: Lead a simple life and don’t be reckless.


Though at first glance, this card oozes childlike innocence, yet it also bears the scars of the past which one must work hard to shrug off and move on in life.

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