Aries Man Virgo Woman

Aries Man Virgo Woman Compatibility

Aries Man Virgo Woman Compatibility
Aries Man Virgo Woman Love Compatibility
Aries Man Virgo Woman Compatibility

Considering that an Aries man and Virgo woman have very little in common many may think that a relationship between these two is impossible. However, this is not true as these two zodiac signs of compatibility get along pretty well. 

Aries is a fire element ruled by Mars, the God of wars. Virgo is an earth element that is ruled by Mercury, the messenger of God. While cardinal Aries is characterized by power, action, and a furious and aggressive personality, the mutable Virgo is a great communicator with a sensible, flexible, and devotional nature.

The Aries man thrives on challenges. He is a doer and not big on sustainability. Once he achieves something, he quickly goes on to his next challenge. Goals and challenges turn him on, and he is never satisfied with the status quo. 

The Virgo woman values order. She is an extremely sensitive and hard worker. Her opinion of having a good time is spending time at home alone or with someone who understands her. She is meticulous, so even in love, she will take her time to get to know someone.

Despite the many noticeable differences between Aries and Virgo, this relationship can work as a Virgo woman adores Aries’s affection for her. In Aries’s arms, Virgo feels loved. Aries also gives her the freedom to be on her own. Her mate will also fix her confidence issues. 

The Virgo woman will bring out the best in his Aries man, allowing him to protect and take the lead in the relationship. Virgo woman will encourage him to pursue his dreams and will support him in fulfilling his ambitions.

Aries and Virgo Compatibility: Trust

The Virgo woman is reliable, trustworthy, and honest. On the other hand, an Aries man values loyalty, and he is also faithful. 

For these two horoscope signs of compatibility, they will never fight about trust. This couple will hardly cheat on each other, and their relationship is founded on intense honesty and loyalty values. 

Aries Man Virgo Woman: Communication & Intellect

Virgo is an excellent communicator. She is a sharpshooter, always being straightforward and honest about how she feels. Virgo is also very methodical and tidy. Since she is a perfectionist, she may want her mate to be like her. 

This may be a problem for the headstrong man who hates to be guided and dictated. Virgo is also blunt when it comes to critiquing the weak areas of her lover. This may hurt the communication between these two as Virgo being bossy can hurt Aries’s ego. 

Despite these communication challenges, Virgo admires Aries’s loyalty to her. No matter the communication challenges, she will be willing to be his co-pilot in all the adventures he plans on taking her. Nonetheless, she needs to tone down her critical nature and listen to her lover more often.

Virgo Woman with Aries Man: Marriage

For a marriage between these two to work, they will have to make some sacrifices. Virgo, as an earth element, is open to marriage, as she loves stability. Unfortunately, her analytical side will only agree to settle down with the right person. She looks at the restless Aries and concludes that he isn’t one to settle down. 

Virgo will see all the difficulties and dangers of marrying an Aries man and will do all she can to avoid such a commitment. Aries loves adventure and fun and is not as open to marriage. He is afraid of feeling trapped in a marriage as he loathes the predictability and routine that comes with being a family man.  

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that a marriage between these two will not work. If the Virgo and Aries are willing to change their views radically, this union might just work. Virgo can agree to stop being so uptight while Aries would do good to come to terms with the fact that being a family man isn’t that bad.

Aries and Virgo make for great parents though they can be a bit demanding. An Aries father will lighten the mood when Virgo is too critical. Virgo will have more compassion for her children and always be available to offer guidance and love to them as she loves her role as a mother.

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Virgo Woman and Aries Man: Emotions

Aries is an alpha male, and it’s not in his personality to show his emotions. Unless you earn his trust, it may be hard to detect what an Aries man is feeling. The exception to this is when an Aries is angry or in love. An Aries man can be very expressive when in love, unlike Virgo, who lacks an emotional demonstration in this area. Further, his temper is serious business, and he will yell and cuss when he is outraged. 

Virgo is sensitive and emotional, although she won’t show it. An Aries man needs to be careful not to hurt her feelings. When she is hurt, Virgo may refuse to talk to his man for fear of burdening him. Virgo’s calm nature comes in handy during Aries’s anger moments as Virgo can keep her composure in such fiery moments. These two need to start as friends if they are to understand each other emotionally

Being friends first will help them resolve the many misunderstandings between them. Starting as friends also gives the intelligent Virgo sometime to study her partner before wrongly judging him early in the relationship. 

Virgo Woman Aries Man: Love and Romance 

Virgo takes her time before she gets romantically involved with someone. Aries, on the other hand, is straightforward in telling a woman how he feels. The Aries man will do all he can to win Virgo’s heart. When an Aries is romantically involved with a Virgo woman, he brings excitement and affection to the relationship. 

Aries will shower his partner with love. His passionate love is likely to impress the Virgo woman who desires to be loved and chased. This passion will also encourage Virgo to ditch her routine and perfectionist nature. 

When Aries is carried away, Virgo will be the voice of common sense in this relationship. She also brings stability in this union, and her wisdom will significantly benefit her Aries partner if he is willing to listen. 

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Virgo and Aries: Sexual & Intimacy

These two are very different when it comes to their bedroom desires. While the Aries is a passionate and fiery lover who loves to explore and try out new things, Virgo is shy and conventional when it comes to sex. 

Nonetheless, Virgo may admire the aggressiveness nature of Aries in bed and may encourage him to show his capability in the bedroom. Aries will not disappoint. Unfortunately, with time Virgo, who is a very sensual person, may tire of Aries’ rampage.

Perhaps these two can enjoy sex better if they are willing to talk about what pleases them under the sheets, and each is willing to compromise a bit to satisfy the other.

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Aries and Virgo Compatibility: Values

At first, these two may look like they don’t have shared values, but this is not true. Both Aries and Virgo are hardworking and ambitious, which is why they are excellent team members. The two are also loyal and trustworthy, which is why there are minimal trust issues in their union. 

Despite their many differences, the two can learn a great deal from each other if they focus on each other’s strengths. Virgo can teach Aries the importance of attention to detail while Aries can certainly teach Virgo that it’s okay to live in the moment sometimes.

Aries Man Virgo Woman: Shared Activities

Aries likes to live on the edge, taking risks and throwing caution to the wind. He loves adventure, and he may judge Virgo to be all work and no play. 

Virgo needs certain conditions to feel at ease with someone. She loves to keep her brain active. She also likes being helpful and has a special love for animals. Examples of shared activities these two would enjoy together include visiting animal parks, coming up with creative charity projects, and long nature walks, among others.

Aries Man and Virgo Woman: Working Together

An Aries man and Virgo woman excel as a team. The Virgo woman has excellent organizational skills, and her hard work and work ethic makes her an asset as a teammate. She is also accurate in her work and a great problem solver.

The Aries man brings his leadership skills to the table. He is a great leader and is resourceful enough to provide solutions for immediate problems. He is also a hard worker, and he never backs away from a challenge. While Aries initiates, Virgo supports. These two have all the tools they need to work together and succeed.


Aries and Virgo make for a functional relationship. It may not be evident at the start as the differences are in plenty, but the two can win if they are determined and willing to make a few compromises.

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Aries Man Virgo Woman Compatibility
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