Capricorn Man Libra Woman

Capricorn Man Libra Woman Compatibility

Capricorn Man Libra Woman Compatibility
Capricorn Man Libra Woman Love Compatibility
Capricorn Man Libra Woman Compatibility

Capricorn Man and Libra Woman have average trust and dependability. The Libra woman is an intensely social person. They appreciate the opposite sex, so they are often known to flirt. Staying at home and enjoying a movie night is not the idea of a good time for a lady with the personality of a Libra. The Libra woman is also known to be fair.

The Capricorn man is determined and driven. This is a man who is diligent in his career. He would rather have a quiet evening after work than go to a party. When it comes to love, a Capricorn man is impressed by an intelligent and well-dressed woman. Capricorns are also influenced by status.This s a man who is loyal to his mate, and it’s rare for him to stray.

These two have noticeable differences, but the difference in their personalities is what creates a spark that makes this union last long.

Capricorn Man Libra Woman: Trust

These two take their time in love and will move cautiously before they lay bare their feelings for each other. Again the pair long for a long term relationship.

Although trust may take time to be established in this relationship, once the two learn that they are committed to one another, trust is built. Both Capricorn and Libra are also loyal partners who’ll never betray each other.

Capricorn Man with Libra Woman: Communication and Intellect

Although Capricorn may seem snobbish, he is communicative and direct in his relations. He is not rude even when angry. The Libra woman is a mediator and a diplomat, so again don’t expect her to lash out when angry.

This pair’s love for peace and harmony makes communication easy. Communication may be the greatest strength in this relationship. These two are also willing to reach a compromise during conflicts.

Capricorn-Man-and-Libra-Woman: couple talking over coffee
Peace and harmony make communication easy in their relationship

Something that may be a bother in their union is their unforgiveness.  While Capricorn will let her know when he’s hurt, Libra is likely to hold a grudge and may not be quick to accept her mistakes.

Capricorn,who’s tactful and intelligent looks for a smart woman who knows what she wants in life. He meets his match in Libra, who is knowledgeable and persistent in reaching her goals.

Capricorn Man and Libra Woman: Marriage

These two are not quick to commit to marriage. Capricorn is careful to commit to the Libra woman as he wants a woman who can give him more than just great sex. He is also a bit skeptical about Libra as a life partner due to her flirty nature.

A Libra woman is also not quick to decide to walk down the aisle. She has difficulties making up her mind when it comes to essential matters such as marriage. However, the good thing is that holding off marriage for a while allows these two to develop trust. Thus, by the time the pair gets marriage they have a strong foundation for their union to last.

As parents, they do balance each other. The Capricorn man sets high standards for his children, but the Libra woman will be the mediator when conflict arises. She also leaves his man to do the disciplining while she takes time to be with the children when Capricorn is busy at work.

Compatibility of Libra and Capricorn: Emotional

The union between a Capricorn man and Libra woman is emotionally well-matched. Neither of these two displays over the top emotions. Both loath conflict and will rarely shout in times of arguments. They both prefer when things are running smoothly.

This couple will rarely fight in public or exchange hurtful words. They will want to discuss the salient points during an argument. This mental and emotional display of wisdom makes it easier for these two to understand each other and solve any.

Libra and Capricorn Compatibility: Love and Romance

The Libra woman is impressed by Capricorn’s calm personality. She wants to understand this man. The libra woman can see that this is a determined and proficient person who is self-motivated to achieve what he wants. She also knows that Capricorn is the type of man who’s dependable.

The Libra woman intrigues the Capricorn man due to her friendly and carefree nature. Capricorn can see that this woman is classy, intelligent, and sophisticated. Just looking at her tells him that she will be an asset in his life.

Capricorn is drawn to Libra romantically as she is sensual and feminine. Capricorn’s strength and manly nature excite Libra. This is a woman that Capricorn loves to be seen with, and she encourages him to be more social and open to some fun.

Capricorn and Libra: couple kissing outdoors
Capricorn is drawn to Libra romantically due to her femininity

Compatibility for Libra and Capricorn: Sexual

One thing that attracts these two to each other is their classy appearances. Both want a partner who knows how to dress well and who stands out from the crowd. The Libra woman will lead in bed. She will bring new ideas in this love union and encourage Capricorn to experiment. Spending time together in the bedroom boosts Capricorn’s ego as Libra ensures that he feels like he is the best thing that happened to her.

Libra-Woman-and-Capricorn-Man: couple kissing outdoors
They get along quite well between the sheets

However, Capricorn will have to up his game when it comes to romance before and after sex. Libra has a real need for romance and intimacy, not only in the bedroom but also before and after sex. If she lets him know of her needs, Capricorn will do his best to meet them.

Capricorn and Libra Compatibility: Values

The Capricorn man and Libra woman don’t have many things in common. However, they do share some values. They are creative, rational, and inventive. They are also loyal, especially in love.

Nevertheless, while Libra loves to party and isn’t very organized, Capricorn is laid back, calculated and strict. Both are proud and never give up quickly, and this keeps their union going despite their many differences.

Libra Woman and Capricorn Man: Shared Activates

This is a couple that enjoys the finer things in life. They are both cultured and sophisticated. This pair knows how to work a room. They will enjoy time reading original books, dining in fine restaurants, and admiring fine art.

This pair will also enjoy painting, traveling, and attending music shows. They may also enjoy watching a movie together on the couch.

Capricorn Compatibility with Libra: Working Together

Both the sea-goat and the scales are dutiful workers. Libra is very cooperative, which makes achieving goals for this couple easy. The best scenario for these two in a working relationship is when Capricorn takes charge of the management of the organization and financial resources. The Libra woman will do very well if she manages communication and social relations.

Capricorn’s work discipline is unrivaled while Libra shines when it comes to making friends. She is generous and kind, which makes people adore her even in the workplace. She is also a team player, always ready to help those around her. Libra will be glad that her man is willing to take on the leadership role, which relieves her of the pressure to make decisions.


This is a couple that will butt heads in a few areas due to their differences. However, one of their biggest strengths is their ability to communicate. Through honest and upfront communication, the pair will likely save their union and end up being one of the happiest couples in the zodiac.

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Capricorn Man Libra Woman Compatibility
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