4 Of Cups

4 of Cups, Four of Cups


The upright 4 of Cups or Four of Cups card depicts a young man sitting at the base of a tree, his arms crossed, meditating deeply. So engrossed is he in his meditation that he misses seeing an outstretched arm offering him the fourth cup. There are already three cups arranged in a row before him, though he is unaware of them. He seems to be an introvert who takes little interest in the cups that are near him. The tree stands for life where growth has come to a standstill. The opposite of this card i.e. the 4 of Cups Reversed or Four of Cups Reversed is also good to be aware of, and we have mentioned it below in detail.

The 4 of Cups in an Upright Position

This cups tarot card symbolizes our habit of taking for granted the things we already have. This prevents us from seeing and appreciating the gifts that the universe offers us. It also means that we may have the solutions to our problems right in front of us, but since we are intent on seeing only all that we lack, rather than appreciating what we have, we miss out on seeing the solutions life offers you.

This suit of cups tarot card is addressed to those who do not seek the motivation to find happiness in their world. Due to a lack of focus, they cannot spot the opportunities life presents them with. They need to see the world as it is, not through rose-tinted glasses.

What Is Indicated When the Four of Cups Is in An Upright Position

  • This cups tarot card stands for contemplation.
  • It means that the one who draws it is dissatisfied with life and does not notice what is being offered to him
  • He is bored with all the gifts he already has but will not do anything to change his situation

4 of Cups Personality Types in Upright Position

  • The seeker is dissatisfied with his present situation
  • He doesn’t get what he wants
  • He lacks the motivation to be happy
  • The person lacks focus, so misses the opportunities he already has

The Four of Cups in a Reverse Position


This cups tarot card meaning of 4 of Cups Reversed or Four of Cups Reversed shows a man whose world is upside down. He is in a situation where he must receive things from life and those around him. Despite this, he is ungrateful, wishing that things had not come to such a pass. He resents the help he gets because he doesn’t want to feel inferior to anyone else.

What Is Indicated When the Four of Cups Is in A Reversed Position

  • The person’s life is financially and emotionally empty
  • He does not feel that better things are coming his way

Four of Cups Personality Types in a Reversed Position

  • The seeker is irritable and unstable under pressure
  • He is afraid of displeasing those who matter to him and sacrifices his happiness for theirs
  • The person has unresolved issues with women
  • He is influenced by several women and over-reacts to them

Four of Cups in a Time-Based Position

Past: Perhaps, you are recovering from events in the past. Analyze the past and see the big picture.

Present: Start thinking beyond self-imposed constraints. Read ‘Signs You are Holding Yourself Back‘ for more help.

Future: Very soon, you will need to contemplate and consider your future choices.

Other Associations

Work or Education: You are not in the right job but Five of Cups

4 of Cups Reversed , Four of Cups Reversed

Conclusion Overall, 4 of Cups or Four of Cups is one of introspection. This card advises you to reflect on what you have and what you should pay attention to. More information about other Tarot Cards is available here.

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