6 Signs That You’re Holding Yourself Back

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We all face plenty of challenges and often find ourselves holding back due to being scared or some other similar thought; some are feelings of inadequacy or not meeting up to our own personal measures.  Sadly, we can make comparisons of our successes to others and as a result, can end up feeling like a failure when we’re genuinely not.  

Sometimes we can find ourselves holding back for fear of failing or being judged. Why keep yourself back from being happy?  The truth is; most people don’t even know why they are holding themselves back. 

Below are six signs that you’re holding yourself back and the solutions to get you moving forward.

1.You Do Too Much to Please Others

It’s beautiful to be kind to people and help those in need. The problem lies in your schedule overflowing with all the things that people want you to do! We need to set limits!  You cannot just throw aside your ambitions and goals for the sake of pleasing others. 

If you find yourself doing such things, you are holding yourself back! 

Free yourself and make yourself a priority!

2. You Are Afraid to Ask for Help

Sometimes we face problems that seem like too much to handle. 

Do you find it hard to ask for help from friends or family when in need? Holding back like this seems almost regular for you?

Likely, you don’t ask for fear that you’ll be a burden. Fear is the most common reason that people stay stuck. If you let fear hold you back, you are hindering yourself from achieving results. 

Let’s look at the bigger picture. We could all use help at times. That doesn’t mean that we’re weak, it means that we’re human. You need help now, and someone else will later. You’ll feel less stressed with their help when needed. They’ll appreciate you when they need your help, and you’re there. 

Everyone walks away happy. It’s a win-win situation.  

3. You Often Think Negatively of Yourself

The key to handling any situation is with a positive attitude and self-confidence.  Many people go through a cycle of self-doubt and negative thought after negative thought. Self-doubt and negative thoughts only cause you holding back yourself.  

Don’t prevent yourself from reaching all the success that you desire. 

The root of self-doubt lies in comparing ourselves to others.  

Social media has magnified this problem. Pictures appear of smiling faces, beach vacations, and beautiful moments. 

It’s rare to see posts of failure and disappointment. Social media portrays most people’s life as a fairy tale. 

Don’t be fooled by stories; we’re all human; they suffer as many misfortunes as the rest of us. They won’t post that, though. 

Just because they share a pic arm in arm, smiling with their “perfect” spouse, doesn’t mean that they didn’t have a disagreement and sleep in separate beds last night. 

Focus on your own story. Focus on your own achievements and accomplishments.  

If you think you haven’t accomplished much, write down ten things you’ve accomplished in life. Did you learn to read? Walk? Play a sport or card game or chess? Do you play an instrument? Did you learn to be a good listener? 

You might be surprised that there are a lot more than ten items. 

Let this rocket you out of self-doubt – into self-confidence and a positive mindset. No question of holding back anymore. 

Know that you “can” and “will” accomplish your goals and dreams. 

4. You Struggle to Say No

If you have a hard timing saying no then you need to continue reading.  

At times we’re feeling pretty overwhelmed am I right?  Our friends, spouse, boss, children ask us for something, and we worry about disappointing them.  Many people can’t say no for fear of offending, and as a result, we sacrifice our happiness. 

Too many times are we saying yes when it should be no.  The yes that we are giving is just a short term fix. The consequence can cause so much displeasure.  It can also stop us from obtaining our own goals or wants. 

You are holding yourself back! 

There are times you say yes to attending events or doing other things that you honestly don’t want to do. Rather than moving in the direction you want in life, you’re being pulled off in “someone else’s” direction because it’s hard to say no to them. 

It Has To Come From Within

Ask yourself what if I say no? What if I say yes?  What is behind my answer? If it feels selfish, then you may need to challenge yourself.  

Now, what if it’s not though?

What if your answer should be no! No need for holding back!

Saying no can be difficult.  Keep the response simple. Don’t flower up your answer or feel a need to explain yourself.  Be firm, kind, and respectful.  

Sometimes a “no” can also be a “no, not right now”.  That’s okay! Buying yourself some time can be the answer also.  It can be a “no, not at this time,” or it can mean creating a compromise that feels more comfortable for you.  

After a week goes by and you’ve said no a few times you will feel better about it! It will challenge you but help you feel in control of the direction of your own life. Don’t hold yourself back; empower yourself! 

5. Feelings of Shame

You may, at some points, go through your life with feelings of shame.  It may be something embarrassing or painful. It could even stem from your childhood or adolescence.  Sometimes, it is so consuming that it can hold us back from getting what we want out of life!  

If you find yourself not able to talk about things, there could be a subconscious block.  It may be of benefit to get help from a licensed counselor or, you can try out a phone psychic reading with a spiritual advisor. Talking to someone may be therapeutic. They may be able to help you work through any underlying issues and ease those feelings of shame. You are welcome to contact us on our website and we will help you with your thought of ‘predict my future‘; it will certainly help you break the shackles with new-found guidance.

By telling someone outside your inner circle of friends or family; you may feel a release.  It may help you from holding back and get you on track for the most fulfilling life journey that is in store for you!

6.Thinking there will be the perfect time

Straight up; there is no perfect time! 

At times, your mind may play tricks on you by giving you uncertain feelings! It might tell you to wait until you get married or until the kids grow up or until no one needs your help with anything. 

Don’t spend time focused on those negative thoughts. They only create excuses that can hold you back and prolong you from reaching your goals.  

Don’t let those thoughts take away from time best used to launch that project. Stop your mind when it’s telling you that now isn’t the time. Stop holding back!

If not now, then when? 

Change your thoughts to something productive such as making affirmative plans to obtain the success that’s yours! Check out your horoscope as per your astrological signs to get the best guidance in breaking the shackles.


The biggest obstacle is getting started! 

You need to believe that you can do it! 

Write down your goals.  Break them down into achievable steps.  Doing this will help give you the clarity that you need to move forward.    

A step at a time, it will start to fall in place. 

Let your creative juices flow, listen to yourself, and then start “doing.”  

With each step, you will feel more confident, and success will be yours! 

Don’t hold yourself back, go out, and create success and happiness now. You deserve it!

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