Page Of Pentacles

We see a young man/woman in this card, also referred to as the Princess of Disks in a Thoth deck. He is holding a large pentacle coin with both hands as he keenly looks at the coin. He is standing in a green field with flowers and lush trees. We also see a mountain in the background that is smaller in size than the page’s body. There is also the opposite card i.e. the Page Of Pentacles Reversed which is also explained below for the benefit of our readers.

The youthfulness of the young man in this card indicates a person who is open minded and ready to seek wisdom and knowledge. The page has a red scarf showing that he is zealous and enthusiastic about life. His feet are firm on the ground indicating that he is practical and wise despite his youthfulness. The fact that the mountains appear to be below him means that he can conquer all. He is solely focused on the coin indicating that though he may not know too much about money, he is focused on the prize.

Page of Pentacles in the Upright Position

The Page of Pentacles in this position indicates:

  • Material opportunities
  • Stable beginnings
  • Laying foundations
  • Seeking education
  • Being practical
  • Dependable
  • Loyalty

The Page of Pentacles indicates that one is ready to seek wisdom and knowledge. It indicates a mind that is inquisitive and ready to absorb information, just like the mind of a child. If you have been trying to figure things out, then this card gives clarity of mind. You are on a journey of discovery as you try to figure out the full picture of things.

Relating to work and career, the Page of Pentacles in the upright position indicates that now is a good time to learn and have a strong foundation for your career. Set goals and have a plan of where you want to go in terms of your career. Similarly, in the business world, this is a card of opportunities advising you to grab available business opportunities.

When it comes to love and relationships, the Ten of Pentacles in this position shows loyalty and trust. Your relationship is founded on respect and trust. However, you may need to come up with ways to add a spark in this union as one of you may be bored. If you are looking for love, this card may mean that an opportunity may soon present itself for you to find someone. You’ll need to be ready to grab it.

When it comes to money and investments, this card indicates financial rewards if you are willing to put in the work. It indicates that you should plan if you want to secure your future. If you don’t venture, you’ll not gain anything.

Concerning your health, the Page of Pentacles in this position shows feelings of youthfulness. Maybe you have taken up a new healthy lifestyle as you want to feel young again. This card encourages you to keep at it as you’ll achieve your goals.

Page of Pentacles in the Reversed Position

In the inverted position, the Page of Pentacles indicates:

  • Poor planning
  • Immaturity
  • Laziness
  • Poor prospects
  • Procrastination
  • Dishonesty

An inverted Page of Pentacles in your Tarot reading indicates immaturity on your part, which can see you lose focus and fail. It also shows that you can’t be trusted to follow through with important matters. Maybe you are lazy, or you procrastinate a lot. Either way, you need to have goals and work towards fulfilling those goals.

Page of Pentacles in the Time Based Position

  • Past – In the past position, the Page of Pentacles can signify that in the past, you worked hard to fulfill your dreams. You were willing to start afresh and learn something new, and this may be why you are where you are today.
  • Present – In the present position, the Page of Pentacles indicates a new start. The card tells you that things will be better if you are willing to take your life lessons positively. You are starting afresh, and you have goals that you wish to attain.
  • Future – In this position, the Page of Pentacles is a good omen. It indicates that if you keep up with what you are doing, you are likely to reap good rewards.

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Page of Pentacles and Other Associations

  • Element – Earth
  • As a yes or no question – Yes


The Page of Pentacles represents a new beginning or a period of learning. The universe wants you to learn something new.  This new information will challenge you to think of new ideas. You should fully immerse yourself in this discovery journey. If you wish to know more about this card visit here.

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