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The Queen of Swords from the suit of swords sits on a stone throne. She looks ahead of her. In her right hand, she holds a sword facing upwards, which points to her wish to seek the truth in everything. Here too, as in other Swords Court cards, clouds gather in the sky and a strong gust of wind rushes through the trees, marking the constant change in Nature. There is also the opposite card i.e. the Queen Of Swords Reversed which is also explained below for the benefit of our readers.

Queen of Swords in an Upright Position

The Queen of Swords stands for an older female in your life who is protective of the seeker. This person is intelligent and honest, and a quick thinker. This card points to a person who is discerning and who offers constructive criticism, besides also being self-reliant.

This tarot sword card shows the importance of making judgments based entirely on facts, not emotions. The Queen of Swords asks that the seeker examines all the facts before reaching a decision. By holding out one hand, she offers it to connect with people using her intellect.

What Is Indicated When the Queen of Swords Is in An Upright Position

  • The seeker is a cold, smart woman with a professional attitude. She is also witty and intelligent and represents those who have been rejected in love.
  • She has a controlling nature and expects everyone to obey rules.

Queen of Swords Personality Types in Upright Position

  • The seeker is an intelligent, independent and mature woman.
  • She expects people to obey rules and believes in social justice.
  • The seeker oversees large-scale activities. She is a great politician.
  • The seeker has varied life experiences and knows how to keep her cool. She can outwit men.

Queen of Swords in a Reverse Position

The Queen of Swords reversed swords tarot meaning depicts a person who does not learn from his past mistakes. An older and mature woman may enter the seeker’s life and malign him. Overall, she is not of good nature or temperament as she is cruel, bitter and cold.

What Is Indicated When the Queen of Swords Is in A Reversed Position

  • This person has communication and problem-solving problems.
  • He accuses people without checking facts.
  • Thistarot sword card is usually drawn by those who feel misunderstood by the world around them.
  • The seeker feels disconnected and becomes overly emotional.
  • This card indicates that the seeker must be more forgiving.

Queen of Swords Personality Types in a Reversed Position

  • This sword tarot card shows up a ruthless and merciless person.
  • He doesn’t check the tiny details before reaching a conclusion.
  • The sword tarot card advises him to figure out exactly what he wants and take appropriate steps.
  • This person is unemotional.

Queen of Swords in A Time-Based Position

Past: The Queen of Swords stands for a woman in a position of authority.

Present: There’s a strong female influence in the seeker’s life, who might also be the object of the seeker’s romance.

Future: This card is an indication of what the seeker can evolve into in the future.

Other Associations

Work or Education: Perhaps, the work you do lacks any challenge and that forces you to look for something else.

Romance: The seeker likes to be a person in her own right. For a good romantic relationship, the seeker should sort out niggling problems with his partner.

Friends: This card shows that the seeker enjoys a good, strong friendship.

Money: This swords tarot card is a good indication that the seeker’s finances are in good shape.

Health:If the seeker needs advice on health, he should ask for it.

Spirituality and Mentality: The seeker should reach out to help those in need.

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This tarot swords meaning shows that a Queen of Swords-like person is meticulous and concerned with doing the right thing perfectly. But in the reversed position, this person is cold and bitter and does not care for perfection. If you wish to know more about this card visit here.

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