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The Empress


The lady in this card sits on a cushioned comfortable throne. Her throne has extra cushions embroidered with the Venus sign signifying vitality, love, fertility, and grace. She is surrounded by abundant nature and a flowing river, which is why many say she represents Mother Nature.

The woman’s blonde hair is crowned with numerous stars, which depicts she has a divine connection to the mystical realm. Her pomegranate robe is a representation of fertility. She represents the gentle power of a mother figure that rules without opposition.

This is a truly good and happy card that signifies a state of abundance in terms of friends, emotional well-being, food, and security. The card also shows that others will be drawn to you, especially those looking for compassion, empathy and nurturing which you will be able to give.

The Empress in the Upright Position

The Empress, in an upright position, speaks of new begins and vitality. All the efforts you have made in the past regarding your destiny may soon be rewarded. This is the prime pregnancy or congratulations card. It could mean the birth of a new project, idea, or business.

The card also shows an abundance of resources that must be harnessed for a productive end. This is a good card that shows that if you use the resources at your disposal well, your project or business will end up being successful. The card also shows the energy of motherhood and applied caring, nurturing, and compassion. The emphasis is that you should give sincere attention and care to yourself or perform kind acts for others.

When it comes to love and relationship, this card in an upright position lets you know that it’s time to mingle if you are single as your real love is near. In case you are in a relationship, then your relationship is bound to become more affectionate and loving. You may also be in for a surprise if you aren’t ready to become a parent as the Empress is a strong pregnancy card.

In terms of money and career, this card in an upright position denotes the birth of inspiring new ideas. In case you are looking for the right career, you are better off in the Arts fields. In finances, you will experience abundant cash flow, but don’t forget to share it with those in need. Health wise, the card in an upright position indicates that you will be successful if you are trying to get pregnant. You also need to take care of your body. Take time and relax as your body may need a break.

The Empress in a Reversed Position

In the reversed position, the Empress signifies that you haven’t been embracing your feminine side. It means its time to embrace the feminine qualities so that your energies can be in balance. For instance, your focus may be more on the mental and materials aspects of life rather than on your spiritual and emotional life aspects. This could be causing disharmony in your life.

The reversed Empress card may also mean that you are placing too much effort on others and neglecting yourself. It may also mean that instead of trusting your abilities, you are relying on others to make important decisions for you. Its time, you had more confidence in yourself.

The Empress in Time Positions

Past– The Empress in the past position represents a female or mother figure in the past who may still be influencing you.

Present – The present position of this card indicates new beginnings that will be satisfying for you. The maternal sign in this card indicates that an experienced female person will help you start on your new journey.

Future – This is the best position for this card as it tells you to expect good things. It shows the act of becoming. If it is about finding love, your partner may be near. In health, it may mean you will get pregnant. If it regards work, things will change for the better.

Other Associations

Element – Earth

As a yes or no question- Yes

Astrology- Venus

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