The Star

This card has a naked woman kneeling with one foot in the water and the other on land. This is a symbol of the outer and inner world, connecting also representing revelation. Her nakedness is a symbol of her innocence. She is pouring water from the jars on her hands, showing the refreshing flow of healing and abundance. On land, the water flows off in five streams that represent the five senses. The woman is surrounded by fertile green land representing abundance and fertility. There is also the opposite card i.e. The Star Reversed which is also explained below for the benefit of our readers.

A phoenix is seen in the background representing renewal or holy thoughts.  Seven stars can also be seen on the background that represents the seven sprits of revelation. There is also a big yellow star at the center of the seven stars, which is a guiding light and the star of faith.

The Star in the Upright Position

In the upright position the Star card indicates:

  • Strength
  • Renewal                                                                                           
  • Inspiration
  • Faith
  • Balance
  • Insight
  • Positivity

This card, in its upright form, represents a bright future ahead of you. It brings optimism and a connection to divine power. If you have been in a bad place, this card reminds you that the star will guide you to a life of fulfillment. The star reminds you that you were created to shine just like the star. This is a positive card that is meant to restore your confidence.

In terms of work and career, the card signifies new opportunities. If you have been unhappy in your current workplace, lookout for a new job. It could also mean a new client for your business. When it comes to love and relationships, the card says it’s time to take your relationship to the next level. If you are single, you’ll get a good partner soon. There will be a change in your love life soon.

In money and business, the Star in the upright position indicates that you will have financial luck soon. Now is the best time to make some investments and have faith that your risks will pay off. Regarding your health, this card signifies good health. If you have been feeling unwell, you’ll recover.

The Star in the Reversed Position

In the reversed position, this card indicates

  • Imbalance
  • Crushed dreams
  • Disappointment
  • Bad luck

The star, when reversed, may indicate despair or a feeling of being stuck. The card tells you that you are the driver of this ship and a change in attitude will do you good. Stop being so pessimistic and have an optimistic attitude. It’s normal to feel disappointed with yourself for a while, but you don’t need to remain in this state.

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The Star in the Time Based Position

  • Past – When the Star in your Tarot spread is in the past position, it signifies a time of recovery from a past bad situation. The star indicates that this stressful time is gone, and you are on your way to recovery.
  • Present – In the present position, the Star shows that you are about to have a great idea that will change your life. Maybe you want to contribute and help better the planet, or you want to take up a new hobby with your partner. Don’t be afraid to start. The card may also indicate that you’ll enjoy a time of peace and reflection.
  • Future – In the future position, the card signifies that you don’t need to give up. Keep hope alive if you have been undergoing a crisis. It also advises you to take chances at work, in your relationships and other aspects of your life.

The Star (XVII) is the 17th trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks. It is used in game playing as well as in divination. If you wish to know more about this card visit here.

Other Associations

  • Element – Air
  • Yes or no answer – Yes
  • Astrology – Aquarius

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