Cancer Man Taurus Woman

Cancer Man Taurus Woman Compatibility

Cancer Man Taurus Woman Compatibility
Cancer Man Taurus Woman Love Compatibility
Cancer Man Taurus Woman Compatibility

A Cancer man and Taurus woman is a perfect combination of two signs that love to indulge and pamper one another.  It is one of the best duos among the zodiac signs. Even though the two have different personalities, their compatibility seems to thrive.

A Taurus woman is passionate and practical while a Cancer man is sensitive and emotional; typically a challenge in a relationship, but the two always seem to overcome their differences and maintain a healthy love. The pair discover that their differences are a compliment of each other’s weaknesses.

Cancer Man and Taurus Woman: Trust and Communication

When a Cancer man meets a Taurus woman, they build their relationship based on emotions rather than physical attraction. The two will take their time and never rush into anything. Once their connection has progressed, they will reach a stage where the two have a  “sixth sense” with one another, setting them up for a dynamic relationship. 

Both the Cancer and Taurus have a deep level of understanding as both of them are loving and loyal. A Cancer man is sensitive, wears his heart on his sleeve, and craves stability; the Taurus woman can give him what he needs as she is the most stable sign in the zodiac.

Cancer Man and Taurus Woman: couple laughing while clicking a selfie
They form a strong bond of trust and communication

If either happened to break trust, it would take a lot to fix, and almost impossible to get back their relationship to where it was. Considering they have the same relationship goals; love, home, and family; betrayal is unlikely. Cancer and Taurus can talk comfortably about issues; although both are relatively quiet, they understand each other even in silence.

When they talk, its usually about their goals and interests, such as children, love, and home. Whenever their interest changes, they communicate in a way that leads to mutual understanding. Arguments are rare between this couple, but when they do happen, they can be volatile.  A Taurus woman will need to take time to cool off and cool down, and the Cancer man will take even longer to stop pouting. 

Taurus Woman Cancer Man: Marriage Compatibility:

When a Cancer man and Taurus woman get into an intimate relationship, it is usually one that lasts. Both are die hard romantics and passionate and will work to build a relationship that can stand the test of time.

They have no fear of commitment and like to be married; there will be no cold feet the morning of nuptials.  Not only will they be a loving husband and wife, but they will also be best friends. They will build a cozy home and share in the household duties.  Family is essential to them, and they will enjoy being parents.

Cancer Man and Taurus Woman: Emotional Compatibility

A Cancer man and Taurus woman have a love of mutual affection and trust; both parties are intuitive, sensitive, and loving. A Cancer woman loves to take care of her Taurus partner with kisses, massages, and cute texts; she intoxicates the Taurus.  He deeply craves stability and security, and when the Taurus woman comes into his life, she provides him with everything he needs. 

A Taurus woman is logical and practical, while a Cancer man is more sensitive and emotional. If they disagree, they will handle their disagreements differently. Cancer will be passive and emotional, while Taurus wants the discussion to be over.  Cancer may feel like the Taurus doesn’t care, and Taurus may see Cancer as being overly dramatic. 

Taurus and Cancer : couple sitting next to water
Made for each other kind of emotional bond

The Taurus woman is sincere, and straight forward; she sees no reason to be dishonest or deceitful even when she feels it may hurt someone’s feelings. She might find a way to soften her words, but she will rarely lie. The Taurus woman, though she can be blunt, will not intentionally hurt her Cancer partner.

Cancer Man And Taurus Woman: Love And Romance

By nature, the two will not rush things; they take their time before deciding anything, especially when it comes to romance. When the Cancer and Taurus relationship gets started, it has the potential to become a gem.

The Taurus woman will do all she can to keep the spark in their bond continue and will share her positive energy, and the cancer man will do his best to keep her happy and continue to be charming. Both partners are intuitive and sensitive to one another; this romance gives them the security they both need.

The Taurus and Cancer relationship is not perfect, but the Cancer is open to discussing and compromising on what needs to be changed; this differs from the Taurus, who is happy to go on as is and is not comfortable with change. 

Cancer is more flexible and willing to compromise than his sometimes stubborn Taurus partner and can become resentful if he feels there’s no balance. The two have a promising outlook though; their connection is natural and easy; there is little that can break their relationship. Taurus seeks physical and sensual fulfillment, and Cancer seeks emotional, between the two, they are a perfect balance.

 Cancer Man And Taurus Woman: Sexual Compatibility

The sexual relationship between a Cancer man and Taurus woman is emotional, sensual, and intense.  With Cancer’s loving ways, they will make the Taurus feel things they never thought possible of feeling. 

The Taurus will need to give him a lot of love and affection, or he will feel neglected, this can be overwhelming for her. If he’s hurt, he will want to talk about it, and this can cause further frustration for her, as she is more practical and not into feelings as much.  


The couple is a match made in heaven.  They understand and complement each other well. Their initial dates will be fun, and they will enjoy getting to know one another.  Friendship is easy for the two, and they will build a solid foundation for a remarkable romantic connection. 

Taurus-Woman-and-Cancer-Man: man pecking woman on her nose
Theirs is a match made in heaven

This pairing shares many similar views on values, love, and marriage.  Both want nothing more than to start a family and build a comfortable, loving home.

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Cancer Man Taurus Woman Compatibility
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