Crystals Definition

For millennia, crystals have been thought to have healing and mystical powers beyond their prettiness as semi-precious gems and their use in contemporary technology. Especially in ancient societies, clear quartz crystals were revered. Today, many still see the most significant characteristic of the crystal as its capacity to engage with and guide the isolated energy of an individual.

Many of the best psychic readers utilize crystals as a manner of preparing for meditation to reflect or deflect energy. Many psychic readers use crystals as pendulums. The best intuitive readers have been known to use crystals to energize themselves when feeling stuck, to increase their intuitive power. You can place a crystal on the windowsill and allow the sun’s energy to empower it further.

Crystals can also be recharged in 8 hours under moonlight or by soaking in saltwater. Be careful though; some crystals react to saltwater, so research first if using this method.

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