The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Description

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is a complex, yet very popular spread. It is one of the oldest Tarot spreads in history. It is used for a range of different questions, and its complexity allows for very specific information to be addressed. There are ten cards laid out in the Celtic Cross Spread.

The first card represents the present situation the person discovers themselves in. The second card lays across the first card and is read in an upright position. This card displays what the main barrier or obstacle holding the person back is. The third card represents subliminal influences showing what the person is truly desiring.  The fourth card shows what tools the person has available to use to be able to overpower the obstacle in the second card to reach their final goal.

The fifth card displays the past of the situation at hand. A negative past may be hindering their current situation, and it is time for them to move on. A positive past may be used as motivation. The sixth card displays which direction the person is heading. The seventh card shows the attitude and views of the person related to the situation at hand.

A change of perspective might be needed to move towards their final outcome. The eighth card is displaying the surrounding energy, and if the person is being negatively or positively influenced by it. The ninth card signifies the deepest desires and anxieties of the person and brings attention to what they should be aware of as it may be influencing their actions. The tenth card is the Final Outcome card. This is the approaching future that the person will soon discover themselves in.

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