The Spiritual Guidance Tarot Spread Description

The Spiritual Guidance spread is used in circumstances in which the person is finding themselves with an obstacle hindering their spiritual development. There are eight cards involved in this spread.

The first card reveals the main worry of the person, or issue at hand involving their spiritual journey. The second card illuminates the reason the person is asking for guidance. The third card displays the areas of their life which is causing them most of their worry. The fourth card identifies situations the person may not be aware of. The fifth card is the guidance card.

This gives advice on what the person should or should not do. The sixth card explains how the person should move on from their worries, and how to proceed on their spiritual journey. The seventh card reveals how the person should continue their spiritual journey in a positive light.The eighth card clarifies the potential result the person will get if they are able to abide by the guidance card (5th card) successfully.

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