Moon runes: 10 things I wish I’d known earlier

Moon Runes Blood brone

Moon is the closest astrological and astronomical entity to earth. Little was known about the round white orb that keeps changing shape in the night sky. There is absolutely no doubt that the Moon has a significant impact on our physical and psychological beings. Like it or not, our fates are bound by its pull. 

Back-in the olden days, the shrouded Moon’s mysteries were a matter of great spiritual and psychic interest. Though our ancestors could never reach the Moon, they had devised ways to tap its energy and unshroud the mysteries that lay hidden beneath. 

Moon runes were mystical tools that the ancient Vikings created. They crafted them to pass on the hidden energies and mysterious secrets of the Moon. Moon runes are known to have mystic powers that can enhance and charge the atmosphere bringing in abundance, happiness, and well-being.

To make reading more enjoyable, we bring you 10 fascinating things that you should know about them to make your life easier, happier, and filled with abundance.

  • The core meaning of a rune is ‘whisper’ or a ‘secret.’ Moonrunes means the whispers and the secrets of the Moon. The Moon is full of mysteries and secrets that are accessible.

The Moon was once a part of the earth. It has been with it, from its very existence. The Moon is witness to all the earthly secrets. Moonrunes have the power to affect all the earthly elements, emotions, and energies.

The mere presence of a rune nearby can have a drastic effect on people’s emotions, attitudes, and actions. 

  • The history of runes dates back to some 2000 years ago. These runes had only 16 symbols that later increased to 24. Ancient mystics consider Moonrunes as one of the most rudimentary forms of language and communication that humans had.

Moonrune reading was the most divine, humble and spiritual form of communication at that time. Anyone with the knowledge and understanding of runes was respected and treated with respect and given royal status.

 Rune translators were very sought-after people in the courts of kings and rulers. Ambitious kings and rulers sought mystics who could read and cast moon runes for acquiring more land and kingdom. 

  • From ancient times, the Moon was the symbol of feminism. The phases of the Moon depict the monthly menses cycle in the female body.

In those times, being moon rune bloodborne (also called bloodborne moon rune) or menstruating with the Moon’s phases was considered sacred. Etching a moon rune on a chalice filled with water kept in the open on a full moon night was believed to enhance female reproductive health. 

  • The Nordic and German tribes developed the runes with the help of Vikings. These Vikings were well versed in the language of the Moon. They used the runes to communicate with the Moon when they were on a voyage at night.

Some believe that the Vikings used moon runes to communicate with sea creatures and ward off evil energies coming their way. The runes crafted by them were highly sought after and considered some of the world’s most effective mystic tools.

Anyone with their possession is said to have the power to control earthly elements and their own destiny. 

  • The Vikings were known for their barbarian nature. For a long time, their secret of success and triumph was unknown until they mingled with the German tribes to reveal the moon runes. These moon runes told them what was waiting for them in the womb of time. With these runes, they could also change the course of destiny.

Moon Runes protected their ships, warded off the evils, increased their luck, and protected their lives and families. The runes were said to promote their family tribes and strengthen their ties with each other. They often wore moonrunes as lockets or other pieces of jewelry to protect themselves.

Also, Runes depicted their ranks and sections in the tribe. Many tribes used moon runes as their tribe symbol. 

  • Folklore says that the Vikings had etched their moon runes on onyx tablets with Ithyldin. Ithyldin was a substance made from Mithril. Mithril gave the runes a silvery shine that made them visible and readable under the full moonlight.

This mythical substance was said to have magical properties to manipulate energies and reveal things unfathomable to human eyes. But Mithril was only found deep under the sea volcanoes and revealed itself only during certain moon phases.

The Vikings knew how to extract this substance and prepare Ithyldin out of it. It was a lengthy process that happened only where the water of three seas met. Nobody knew how to get there other than the Vikings.

  • In ancient times, it was said that moon runes revealed themselves to the person who needed them. People from far and wide in need of divine guidance sought the Nordic and German tribes for psychic readings on a full moon night as the runes would reveal themselves only then.

Blood moon days were the opportunities when mediums, mystics, and psychics used runes to conduct and perform rituals.

The Vikings had special tools and performed a distinct ritual that could reveal the runic messages even on a new moon night. The Vikings performed these rituals before every journey to ensure that the new beginning was fruitful and brought abundance to them. 

  • Moon runes were used to write poems and deliver cryptic messages. Fortune telling via the use of moon runes was a widespread practice both on sea and land. Fortune tellers would use moonrunes to cryptically deliver their psychic messages to ensure that they did not fall prey to the wrong hands.

Moon runes were used to code messages and secret conversations to make sure that they were kept confidential. People without the knowledge of runes would never be able to decode the scriptures.

Moon runes were a secret of the mystic community then. As more and more psychics and mystics were branded mad and witches got killed, the runes became a lost power with their downfall. 

  • Moon runes were also used to charge and activate tarot cards, love potions, and other divination tools. Moon runes are said to be bone-chillingly accurate when it comes to intuitive readings. These runes are receptive enough to pick up the energies of seekers.

The energy could be both – past or present and deliver relevant messages. Moon runes are known to attract wolves as well. It is said that Vikings used runes to attract wolves who would guard the hidden treasures of the Vikings.

Wolf being the harbinger of Moon, was considered the most loyal and trustworthy creature for guarding their treasure. It was also said that moon runes would select their mystics. They would present themselves to the mystic that they would find worthy of their access. 

  • Moon runes are etched on shells, stones, tablets, clay pads, leaves, bark, or just made by assembling twigs. Creating a moon rune is not challenging, but manifesting one into productivity must be undertaken with utmost sincerity.

With the right kind of intention and manifestation, moon runes can be activated. These runes are then used to heal the ailing body or the wounded heart. The effect may not be immediate, but the results will indeed reflect in the long term.

Though humans have physically reached the Moon, most cannot decode the old and forgotten mysteries. The actions of the more modern and logical human beings, with an inclination towards more simple form of languages, has led to the extinction of the moon runes

Information about them stayed relatively private due to the dominance of skeptical humans in modern society. These people were fearful of the immense power that could be possessed and unleashed into the world. As well, many of the knowledgeable mystics who knew about the moon runes felt that the new generation did not have the maturity to understand this ancient knowledge’s gravity.

Hence the moonrunes became a matter of mystical and mythical stories handed down for generations. But there still must be some mystics that would have a family line, with the knowledge and power to access these runes.  As the very famous saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Reaching the runes, accessing them, and crafting them might be an ambition for many modern-day mystics out there. It is the ethical responsibility of the rune bearer to use the rune’s power for the greater good of the universe.

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