The Magician


The magician tarot card comes right after the fool tarot card. The magician means who can channel energies from one portal to another. The magician tarot is one of the most positive cards in the deck.

The Magician tarot card meaning shows a person holding a magic double-ended candle high in his right hand while the other hand points to the ground. Drawing energies through this magic wand, he directs them to the earth below. On the worktable are the magician tools made up of flowering vines and other plants, signifying that he is one with nature. His belly is made up of an encircling self-containment snake. His white robes and headband signify purity. There is also the opposite card i.e. The Magician Reversed which is also explained below for the benefit of our readers.

The magician tarot card symbolizes potential or becoming more than you are. It shows the power to bring something from nothing. Further, the Magician is a glimpse of the bigger picture mechanics. As above, so below. The card is one of purposeful destruction and creation. It doesn’t signify a random act of God or magic, but it shows the act of commitment and action.

This supreme the magician alpha card also shows the act of assumed responsibility and its reliability. When you see this card in your spread, see initiations, decisions to be made, the will and ability to act decisively, and the ability to use what you have at hand to achieve greatness. This card is for the strong and not the weak. It is for the courageous and not the timid ones.

The Magician in an Upright Position

In an upright position, the magician, card signifies action and confidence. It shows that you need to use what you have now to take action. This card doesn’t give room for excuses. You should stop procrastinating and whining and channel the energy inside you to a set objective.

For the tarot card interpretation, when it comes to love, the magician card in an upright position shows that your relationship may move to new positive levels, and there will be more commitment and joy. In case you are single, now would be a great time to meet a new partner. Your new partner will treat you well and have good intentions for you. When it comes to money and career, new opportunities are coming your way, such as a promotion or the opening of new businesses. You will need to take a brave move to take advantage of these opportunities. Your finances will also improve.

If you have been ill, the upright Magician card signifies a comeback to good health or that you may need to seek a powerful healer for healing if your health isn’t improving. When it comes to your spirituality, this card shows that now would be a good time to seek spiritual growth. In case you have an interest in a certain spiritual topic, now would be a suitable time to pursue it. You’ll be surprised at the benefits that will come with your new spiritual growth.

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The Magician in a Reversed Position

In a reversed position, the magician card signifies indecisiveness or lack of action on your part. It also indicates an untrained expert or a false prophet. It shows the lack of wisdom and shoddy craft that comes from laziness. This card, when shown in a reversed position, isn’t a good thing, as it shows a lack of effort and disregard of patience and persistence.

The Magician in A Time Based Position

PastThe Magician in the past shows that you have achieved success in the past due to your action and confidence. Through skills and intelligence, you have achieved something in the past which you may be enjoying even now

Present – The magician tarot card in the present signifies that you need to take action and use your skills to make changes in your current situation. It also means your confidence may also pay off in a new position or new venture

Future – This card in the future shows you that you have great potential to succeed if you maintain your position, and you aren’t distracted by other things. It also presents a risky future if you don’t take action.

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Other Associations

Element- Air

A yes or no question – Yes

Astrology – Mercury

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